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Org chart

Tony Hannaman
President & CEO
Linda Wagner
Vice President
Patrick Butler
General Manager
Sarah Bearden
Director of Production
Ashley Dreyer
Director of Marketing
Dee Grimes
Human Resources & Finance Director
Toly Melnikov
Director of Software Engineering
Marisa Giggey
Sales & Support Director
Sherry Kyle
Special Projects Division Director
Dorie Hopkins
Creative Lead

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Emily Acanfora
Digital Design Lead
Gloria Mazzella
Product Lead
Carla Breidenbach
Product Lead
Chandler Birch
Product Lead
Deborah Turner
Product Lead
Alicia Pino
Head Unicorn Wrangler
Sherry Snyder
CME Manager
Jason Botwick
Dev Manager & Architect
Jared Youtsey
Dev Manager & UI Architect
Victor Amezcua
Facilities Manager
Shannon Bomar
Senior Product Owner
Calvin Jones
Product Owner
Joyce Linder
Senior Development Editor
Tom Champe
Medical Development Editor
Jen Hawkins
Medical Development Editor
Neill Kimball
Medical Development Editor
George Yaksick
Development Editor
Trisha Croatt
Development Editor
Corey Wall
Development Editor
Kimberly Von Bargen
Development Editor
Christopher Drake
Administrative Assistant
Rikki Eccles
Timeline Overlord
Denise Ditmer
Contributor Coordinator
Amy Greene