NovaQuest Capital Management


Org chart

Ron Wooten
Senior Founding Partner
Patrick Jordan
Managing Partner & COO
Robert Hester
Partner & CFO
Jonathan Tunnicliffe
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
John Bradley
Founding Partner
Bryan Mills
Partner & Chief Administrative Officer
Jacob Comer
Partner, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Brian Axe
Managing Director
Ryan Wooten
Managing Director
Brett Fleshman
Managing Director
Ryu Kobayashi
Principal & Mitsui Liaison
Anthony DiNoto
VP, Private Equity
Brian Person
Head of Investor Relations
Silvia Cruz
Head of Strategic Operations
Angela Coley
BioPharma Relations Manager
Devin Holden
Compliance Director

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Michael Greninger
Administrative Assistant
Ankur Shah
Kristen Lee
Senior Accountant
Chris Mauney
Senior Associate
Abby Decker
Senior Associate
Bailey Burt
Dain Clare
Senior Associate
Melinda Grill-Feder
Office Manager
Sam Albert
Senior Associate
Kristin Gronbach
Project Coordinator
Jp Rotchford
Senior Associate
Mac Shelton
Marie Soutter
Project Coordinator