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Mitchell Zuklie
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Baw
Chief Pricing Officer
Wendy Butler Curtis
Chief Innovation Officer, eDiscovery & Information Governance, Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation
David Fries
Chief Financial Officer
Jolie Goldstein
Chief Communications Officer
Siobhan Handley
Chief Talent Officer
Pamela Johnson
Chief Inventory Management Officer
Laura Saklad
Chief Operations Officer
Polly Snyder
Chief Practice Officer-Finance and Energy & Infrastructure
Christopher Vejnoska
Partner and General Counsel, Mass Torts & Product Liability, Complex Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Justin P. Graham
Chief Technology Officer
Robin Mccroskey
Chief Practice Officer, Corporate
Meredith Post
Chief Growth & Integration Officer
Jon Brewer
Chief Marketing Officer
T. Vann Pearce
Chief Practice Officer, IP & Litigation and IP Counsel Patents, 3D Printing
Amy M. Ross
Chief Practice Officer, Strategic Advisory & Government Enforcement

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Beth Morey
Sr. Research Specialist