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Org chart

Anthony Sutton
Chief Development Officer
Cynica Jackson
Chief Programs Officer
Jose Rodriguez
Chief Human Resources Officer
Harlee James
Employment Advancement Officer
Janice Southall
Director of Residential Services
Melissa Sevestre
Director of Admissions & Case Management
Ryan Woodward
Director of Life Enrichment Services
Chris Worthington
Director of Employment Services
Lisa De Steiguer Jenkins
Director of Finance
Danielle Bingham
Director of Mental Health Services

Board & Advisors

Shawna Grant
Board Member
Gabriel Hackney
Board Member
Jim Henry
Board Member
Betsy Jacobs
Board Member
Ryan H. Jones
Board Member
Christie Morgan
Board Member
Amy Ruth
Vice Chair
Geoff Sessions
Board Member
Sara Ley
Board Member
Billy Frick
Board Member
Kendall Bryan
Board Member
Tony Bellamy
Board Member
Tim Anderson
Board Member
Leslie Detlefsen
Board Member
Jessica Ligator
Board Member

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