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At GreyNoise, we collect, analyze and label data on IPs that saturate security tools with noise. This unique perspective helps analysts confidently ignore irrelevant or harmless activity, creating more time to uncover and investigate true threats. GreyNoise is trusted by the DoD, large enterprises, top security vendors and threat researchers all over the world.


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Andrew Morris
Founder & CEO
Dan Maier
Head of Marketing
Vishal Kamdar
Head of Operations
Paul Murphy
Head of Sales
Guillermo Menjivar
Head of Engineering
Guillermo Menjivar
Interim Head of Product

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Meet Andrew Morris: Founder and CEO of GreyNoise Intelligence

Meet Andrew Morris: Founder and CEO of GreyNoise Intelligence

Andrew Morris has come a long way since his days of hacking into his school. The founder of cybersecurity company GreyNoise Intelligence, Andrew spends his time analyzing and reporting on internet data that inform the latest security threats. He got into hacking at an early age, though admits hacking into schools was a stupid thing to do. However, it was also a valuable and interesting learning experience that opened his eyes to the capabilities of computers and technology in general. “I knew that technology could make you more powerful. It could make you more marketable, it could give you the ability to do things that other people couldn’t do, or find information that other people don’t have access to. Once I started, it just never got old.” Andrew spent a few years working in cybersecurity companies before starting GreyNoise in 2017. He now helps to make security teams more efficient by providing insights on opportunistic threats. “We operate a gigantic network of passive collector sensors all around the internet, and we collect a ton of other internet data. We analyze all that data and we make it available to our customers within the existing security products that they're already using. “Our goal is to make security practitioners quantifiably more efficient, and to provide insights on something where there's a vacuum or a hole.” Andrew is a real forward thinker, and he brings a progressive and transparent approach to the way he runs GreyNoise. A fully remote company, Andrew says they keep things relaxed, with the mantra that absolutely nothing matters, except what does. “What that means is, there's a few data points that matter a lot. But everything outside of that...just be yourself and dress however you want. As long as you respect other people and you’re good at your job, then that's the thing that matters.” It’s clear how much Andrew values his staff, describing them as being much better at everything than he is. He takes a proactive approach to employee wellbeing too, and even shut the company down for two weeks last summer so everyone could have a break. Andrew says after such a crazy 2020, it was the least he could do. “The only choice was whether the burnout was going to occur on our schedule or on the universe's schedule. One way or another, the psychological tax man was going to come knocking. The choice was, either have a break so everybody gets a decompression period, or over the next six months, people would periodically start to burn out and suffer. “I really hope to see more companies doing this. I want to see employees demanding this of their employers too. The truth is, companies are going to pay one way or another - they either give people some time off, or people are going to burn out and quit.” Andrew really promotes the employee experience of working at GreyNoise. So much so, that he says the way his staff feel about their jobs and their workplace is the ultimate test. “My metric of success is how many people would say that they would come and work for me again. That's really, really important to me.”

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