About us

We're on a mission to make organizations more transparent

Who are your company’s unsung heroes? The superstars? The ones who get things done? Businesses aren’t made of bricks and clicks, businesses are made of people, and the best businesses find a way to show that their people are appreciated, celebrated, and honored in the workplace.

We believe a company’s greatest asset is its people. This includes the folks that are never highlighted on the company website, never lauded in the press, and never showcased to the outside world on professional networking sites. We believe that if we can shine a light on these people, everyone will benefit.

We’re making organizations more transparent, and as a result, we’ll understand more about our own companies, the people in them, and finally sing the songs of the true heroes.

Our founders

The Org was founded by Christian Wylonis and Andreas Jarbøl in November 2017 with a mission to make organizations more transparent.

Co-founder of The Org Christian Wylonis

Christian Wylonis

Co-founder of The Org Andreas Jarbøl

Andreas Jarbøl


Our investors

  • SF based Tiny VC by Philipp Moehring and Andy Chung
  • Haflo AB by Martin Hauge
  • Angel investor Jeremy Yap
    Jeremy Yap
  • Angel investor Christian Birk
    Christian Birk