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Meet China’s Top Health Tech Startups

By Shelly Xu

Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

We have compiled a list of some of the fast-growing and promising health tech startups in China.

BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 15: A staff member (R) introduces intelligent bionic hands at the Care And Rehabilitation Expo China 2021 on Beijing, China. (Photo by Chen Xiaogen/VCG via Getty Images)
BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 15: A staff member (R) introduces intelligent bionic hands at the Care And Rehabilitation Expo China 2021 on Beijing, China. (Photo by Chen Xiaogen/VCG via Getty Images)

A Deloitte report shows the proportion of medical consultations that happened via telehealth soared from 0.1% to 43.5% in the first few months of the Covid-19 outbreak. The report predicts that in 2022, remote medical consultation will continue to expand.

The coronavirus pandemic has boosted China’s healthtech start-up market, especially in online health consultations and medicine delivery.

According to Healthtech Alpha, there are 541 digital health ventures based in China. The total venture volume has expanded at a compound annual growth rate of 2.1% over the past 5 years. In total, $20.72 billion of digital health venture capital has been raised across over 1300 funding deals in China.

Here are some fast-growing and promising health tech startups in China.

WeDoctor 微医

WeDoctor is one of China's leading online health-care platforms, covering medical, pharmaceutical, medical examination, health insurance and other fields. The 24/7 service is free and provided by doctors across the country. Tencent says so far, WeDoctor has gathered more than 7,000 well-known experts in China and this information is available as a reference to more than 50,000 users all over the world. The platform innovates in the research and development of medical devices, offering users with one-stop medical and health care services that integrate online and offline.

Total funding: $1.4B

Investors: 14

DXY 丁香园

Founded in 2000, DXY is an online community for doctors, consumers and healthcare organizations. Through professional and authoritative content sharing and interaction, comprehensive medical data accumulation and high-quality digital medical services, it connects doctors, researchers, patients, hospitals, biopharmaceutical and insurance companies. DXY covers multiple health application scenarios such as high-quality health science, public knowledge services, online consultation platforms, health product e-commerce and offline diagnosis and treatment. The platform has served hundreds of millions of public users and has 5.5 million professional users.

Total funding: $682M

Investors: 6

Meet You 美柚

Meet You is a menstruation tracking app. Launched in 2013, Meet You is China's first mobile phone software designed to assist women’s physiological needs. The app not only helps track menstruation, but can also switch between menstruation, pregnancy preparation, pregnancy and parenting to protect every stage of a pregnant person’s life. Users also have the feature of community chatrooms and forums to share their experiences and communicate with each other.

Total funding: $157.8M

Investors: 11

Babytree 宝宝树

Founded in 2007, Babytree is an online platform for expecting parents and young parents in China. Users can ask, answer or share knowledge about pregnancy, newborn and parenting. One-on-one online interviews with experts are also available. Mothers can communicate about mental health, including anxiety while preparing for and during pregnancy. The platform invites experts to share tools for understanding B-ultrasound orders, confinement meals, baby food supplements, recipes during pregnancy and vaccine schedules.

Total funding: $1B

Investors: 11

Ping An Good Doctor 平安好医生

Ping An Good Doctor is a platform that offers online medical consultation for patients. The platform integrates services of family doctors, well-known doctors’ consultations, healthy community, health evaluation, health habits and health records to provide users with one-stop health consultation and health management services. As of December 2021, the cumulative number of registered users on the platform reached 420 million, and the cumulative number of consultations exceeded 1.27 billion.

Total funding: $900M

Investors: 5

Yaoshibang 药师帮

Yaoshibang is a digital service platform focusing on the intelligent supply chain of medicine. Facing the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical distribution market, the company serves over one million online and offline retail terminals and medical institutions. By building a massive standardized commodity force system, it uses technology to build the digitalization of the entire chain of the pharmaceutical industry, serving 400,000 people nationwide.

Total funding: $495.6M

Investors: 14 好大夫在线

Founded in 2006, Good Doctor Online ( is China’s leading online medical platform. It covers hospital and doctor information inquiries, graphic and text consultation, telephone consultation, remote video clinic, patient appointment, post-diagnosis disease management, family doctor, disease knowledge popularization and other fields. As of July 2021, the platform has collected the information of more than 790,000 doctors from nearly 10,000 regular hospitals across the country, serving more than 72 million patients.

Total funding: $277.8M

Investors: 5

Miao Health 妙健康

Miao Health is a health technology company based on health behavior, big data and artificial intelligence. It provides users with a one-stop solution for comprehensive health services. Based on users' health information, the platform provides them with personalized health solutions (diet, exercise) and health risk assessment, and access third-party services for users with health risks. Miao Health is committed to building an entry-level health platform application that integrates "health, medicine, medicine and insurance".

Total funding: $130.7M

Investors: 4


LinkedCare was founded in 2015 in Shanghai. It is a digital platform that provides an integrated operation and management system for dental clinics, health and beauty institutions. The company provides integrated single-store management, chain management, health files/electronic medical records, customer relationship management, intelligent marketing, B2B trading platform, invoicing, insurance payment and image integration. It also connects different companies within the industry through an open platform to offer a complete set of one-stop services.

Total funding: $132.9M

Investors: 12

Keep 自由运动场

Keep is a sports social platform launched by Beijing Calorie Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015. It provides users with one-stop sports solutions such as fitness teaching, running, cycling, making friends, fitness diet guidance, and equipment purchases. It features various difficulty modes to help both beginners and experts with their workout routines. Based on users’ behavioral data, KeeP analyzes their fitness habits, continuously refines the algorithm and pushes the most suitable fitness plans for users.

Total funding: $614M

Investors: 11

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