7Span is a creative digital agency company, in the digital realm, right from branding to social media campaigns, and website design and development to mobile application development. With a team of young and creative designers and developers who always try to bring the best that the web has to off... Read more






Org chart

Kaushal Gajjar

Hemratna Bhimani
Chief Technology Officer
Preyash Master
Chief Delivery Officer
Harsh Kansagara
Seema Nadiyadhara
HR And Admin Manager
Samarth Trivedi
Manager Strategic Partnerships
Jaimin Panchal
Partner & Technical Head (.net, Angular)


Celebrations 🎉

Joyful Milestones, Shared Success. Our culture celebrates not just milestones but the shared success of each individual, fostering a sense of collective achievement and joy in every endeavour.

Entrepreneurship 🏔️

Nurturing Visionary Spirit. We believe in solving real world problems and embracing risk taker by cultivating an environment where ideas flourish, and creativity sparks into transformative initiatives.

Meticulousness 👁️

Precision in Everything. We place great importance on paying attention to details in all that we do, with the aim of bringing quality to our outcomes and enhancing overall delivery.

Functional Thinking 💡

Strategic Solution, Systematic Insight. We believe that every problem presents unique challenges that require different methods, processes, and approaches to build in an optimum manner with practical thinking.

Trailblazing 🧭

Unleashing Creative Trails. Trailblazing curiosity of reinvention and not afraid to be different that inspire and lead the market & society.

Freedom 🪽

Liberating Potential, Embracing Freedom. We support people in being their best selves. We believe in freedom as a source of inspiration for making the first move without fear of failure.

Transparency 🪟

Clarity in Paths, Open Exchanges. We believe in fostering clarity through transparent communication and open collaboration, creating a shared journey towards success.