Ambassador Education Group at Unity


Unity Concord International School Chiang Mai (UCIS) was opened in 2017 by Amporn and Chugait Garmolgomut. The Garmolgomuts are award-winning teachers and school administrators with more than 30 years’ experience as educators. The other schools operated by Amporn and Chugait Garmolgomut are American... Read more




Org chart

Kylee Agrelius
AEG Human Resources Director
Steve O'Driscoll
AEG IT & Media Director
Nunnapat Chomcheun
Thai HR Director
Viraj Gandhi
Athletics Director
John Nopadon Vasinsunthon
School Director Assistant
Glen Pinder
Principal, Grade 6-12
Sylvain Naud
Principal, Grade 3-5
John Conger
Principal, PreK-G2
Piyawan Pintamong
Visa Manager
Tanyasiri Kawin
Facilities Manager
Myrna Muyana
Events Manager
JC Muyana
SIS Manager
Paul Farran
Environment, Health & Safety Manager
David Agahi
Academic Counselor & College & Career Advisor
Patra Nakornthap
Dean, Students Grade 6-12
Michael Abarca
Counselor & Behavior Analyst