Baselime helps engineering teams of all sizes build better products in the age of serverless.

We're building the future of observability for serverless architectures, to help engineers get a deeper understanding of their systems and respond to change faster.





Org chart


Boris Tane
Founder, CEO
Nicolas Henrot
Senior Product Designer
Maksym Makuch
Senior Software Engineer
Thomas Ankcorn
Senior Software Engineer


πŸ’‘ We're Curious

We are always learning and exploring, asking questions and diving deep to understand things beyond the surface level. We're curious about new possibilities, both in our respective areas of expertise and outside of them.

🎯 Customers are the focus

They are the only ones who know anything about what we are doing. We are helping them solve problems they live through every day. Everything we do should ultimately have a positive impact on our customers.

πŸ’¨ Speed wins

No matter what we do, we do it fast. Making decisions, responding to customers, building our product, shipping features, etc... And we are always looking at ways to do things even faster.

πŸ’― Iteration wins

Good now is always better than great or perfect tomorrow. When faced with a challenge, we ideate, build and ship a good solution first, get feedback then iterate over time to improve upon it.

πŸ’¬ No bullshit

We speak our minds in the most straightforward way possible. We avoid assumptions, speculations and exaggerations which make it harder for everyone to understand anything and to collaborate.

🚧 In progress doesn't exist

It's either done or not done. Once it's done, it should be in the hands of customers. We have the least amount of "work in progress". We split our work into small items and whenever we reach a satisfactory state on an item, it's completed.

πŸŽ‰ We play together

We are innovators, we must be having fun in the process. We are serious without taking ourselves too seriously. We have interests outside of work that we share and are proud of.

πŸ’Ύ We disagree and commit

We all have strong opinions. Each and every one of us can and should be challenged. We have difficult conversations often, and we do not compromise for social cohesion. However, once a decision is made, we all commit and align behind it.

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