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BetaDwarf is a Danish independent video game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded in 2010.

Profile photo of Adrian Goudard, Senior Programmer at BetaDwarf
Adrian Goudard
Senior Programmer
Profile photo of Alex Jørgensen, Content Lead at BetaDwarf
Alex Jørgensen
Content Lead
Profile photo of Andreas Sørensen, 3D Artist at BetaDwarf
Andreas Sørensen
3D Artist
Profile photo of Anthony Morales, Animator at BetaDwarf
Anthony Morales
Profile photo of Christoffer Greulich, VP & Product Manager at BetaDwarf
Christoffer Greulich
VP & Product Manager
Profile photo of Daniel James Esterhuizen, Programmer at BetaDwarf
Daniel James Esterhuizen
Profile photo of Ejnar Håkonsen, Gamer Designer at BetaDwarf
Ejnar Håkonsen
Gamer Designer
Profile photo of Elija Padilla, Senior 3D Artist at BetaDwarf
Elija Padilla
Senior 3D Artist
Profile photo of Espen Jensen, QA & Build Lead at BetaDwarf
Espen Jensen
QA & Build Lead
Profile photo of Frank Dijkhuizen, Programmer at BetaDwarf
Frank Dijkhuizen
Profile photo of Imola Benkő, Assistant at BetaDwarf
Imola Benkő
Profile photo of Keld Ølykke, Programmer at BetaDwarf
Keld Ølykke
Profile photo of Kenneth Harder, CTO at BetaDwarf
Kenneth Harder
Profile photo of Kristian Klie, Programmer at BetaDwarf
Kristian Klie
Profile photo of Lena Harder, Office Caretaker at BetaDwarf
Lena Harder
Office Caretaker
Profile photo of Lucas Adelholm, Programmer at BetaDwarf
Lucas Adelholm
Profile photo of Martin Prestegaard, Lead 3D Artist at BetaDwarf
Martin Prestegaard
Lead 3D Artist
Profile photo of Milica Celikovic, Illustrator at BetaDwarf
Milica Celikovic
Profile photo of Mona Skoog, Senior 3D Artist at BetaDwarf
Mona Skoog
Senior 3D Artist
Profile photo of Morten Godskesen, Programmer at BetaDwarf
Morten Godskesen
Profile photo of Olof Eneroth, 3D Artist at BetaDwarf
Olof Eneroth
3D Artist
Profile photo of Peter Buje, Lead Game Designer at BetaDwarf
Peter Buje
Lead Game Designer
Profile photo of Peter Hald, Lead Game Designer at BetaDwarf
Peter Hald
Lead Game Designer
Profile photo of Stefan Greulich, Art Director at BetaDwarf
Stefan Greulich
Art Director
Profile photo of Anton Pankov, Head of Mobile at BetaDwarf
Anton Pankov
Head of Mobile

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