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Big Cabal Media (BCM) is building Africa’s media brands of the future. Big Cabal serves African audiences on the continent and across the globe with content that speaks directly to them. We’re an ambitious media company creating content, brands and IP with global reach and impact. Our goal is to ch... Read more





Org chart

Tomiwa Aladekomo

Temitayo Ishola
Chief Financial Officer
Olanrewaju Odunowo
Head, TechCabal Insights
Favour Ogunlana-Azeez
Head of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development
Ope Adedeji
Editorial Director
Osemudiamen Ehiabhi
Head of Design (Product)
Aderemi Adesida
Head of Design (Graphics)
Daniel Akpauta
Growth Lead
Ademola Soares
Creative Director
Stephen Akinola
Software Developer

Behind the scenes


Good writing is holy

Good writing is clear thinking, documented logically and coherently so others can follow and understanding easily. Being able to communicate your ideas clearly is critical. Nothing refines and challenges your thinking like writing it out for others to read and understand. Good writing matters in all contexts.

Be a media nerd

The media business is growing through a period of rapid evolution globally, fueled by technology and ever-changing audience habits. The denser the knowledge about how media works within the business, the better the decisions we are able to make.. Therefore we encourage curiosity and knowledge about the business of media, the evolution of the industry and the best content creators globally.

Innovation is fuel

Working in the creative field, innovation is our rocket fuel. Our employees must constantly innovate creatively, coming up with new shows, publications, formats and content that delight and recruit new audiences to our publications and platforms. Innovation is not restricted to content creation. Our capabilities and effectiveness as a company grow as employees learn and spread better ways of working and doing things.

Never stop learning

We start from the assumption that we always need to do more with less. Matching them requires us to constantly do more with less (punch above our weight). BCM will invest in growing our employees in many ways, through mentorship by more experienced and talented employees and guest speakers; by creating opportunities for employees to work with other organizations and international trips and through our own internal and external training programs.

Solve the hard problems

Startups are hard. Media is hard. Anything worth doing is hard. To survive, and then to thrive, we need to solve these hard problems. So when you come up on challenging problems, don’t run away from them. Work out the solutions. Figure out how we get better and do better. Solving hard problems makes you especially valuable to BCM, and we will always recognize and reward that.

Deliver high-quality work, consistently

We need employees who demonstrate consistently high, and ever-improving, standards in all they do. Our employees are reliable, can be counted on to deliver on time and understand that our mission can’t be accomplished without real commitment and consistency. We put in the time to deliver work that has real impact and we’re always looking for opportunities to raise the quality of our work to new levels.

Follow data, obsess about the audience

We create content for real audiences, not the ones we imagine in our heads. Constantly speaking to them and gathering real data about who they are and what they find valuable is an essential part of our work. Data is an edge, and we must continuously refine our ability to understand our audiences in depth through the information they provide us. It’s important that we use this data to serve our audiences better, and treat it with utmost respect.

Delight the audience

We will always aim to go beyond the obvious to deliver work that delights the audience (for non-editorial teams, your audience may include advertisers, sponsors, auditors etc). As you work, you may choose from any number of ways of pleasantly surprising the audience. Art and design can make our work more appealing than an audience expects. The ambition and completeness of a project like Jollof Road or Tech Women Lagos can stun and delight an audience. Choose to delight.

Tell a story that truly matters

Our first goal at BCM is to create original content from the continent, for African audiences at home and abroad, and for an ever-more connected global audience. As a member of the Big Cabal team, you’re always working to create or to support the creation of high-impact, truthful and engaging stories about what it means to live and work in Africa today. We tell stories in writing, video, through social, events and many more mediums.