College of the Ozarks

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College of the Ozarks is a school in Point Lookout. The mission of College of the Ozarks is to provide the advantages of a Christian education for youth of both sexes, especially those found worthy, but who are without sufficient means to procure such training.





Org chart

Jerry C. Davis

M. Fred Mullinax
Executive Vice President
Howell W. Keeter
Vice President
Eric W. Bolger
VP for Academic Affairs & Dean of the College
R. Justin Carswell
VP for Christian Ministries & Dean of the Chapel
Sue R. Head
VP for Cultural Affairs & Dean of Character Education
Charles F. Hughes
VP for Vocational Programs & CFO
Marci L. Linson
VP for Patriotic Activities & Dean of Admissions
Brad N. Dolloff
Dean of the Laboratory School
Chris A. Larsen
Dean of Work Education
Marvin R. Schoenecke
Dean of Administration
Nick C. Sharp
Dean of Students
Valorie G. Coleman
Director of Public Relations
Frances L. Forman
Registrar & Director of Institutional Research
James A. Freeman
Director of Career Center
Natalie K. Rasnick
Director of Development
Angela N. Williamson
Director of Alumni Affairs
Anne M. Allman
Professor of Art
Mary Lamae Koogler
Assistant Professor of Hotel & Restaurant Management
Daniel Joseph Swearengen
Associate Professor of Agriculture & Chairman, Technical & Applied Sciences Division
Gary Neale Richardson
Associate Professor of Physical Education & Men’s Baseball Coach
Sarah Stephens Klinefelter
Associate Professor of Theatre
D. Wayne Davis
Professor of Biology
William Emory Elmore
Professor of Philosophy-Religion
Mary Elizabeth Bradley
Associate Professor of Music
Luis Gonzales Rojas
Assistant Professor of Music & Artist-in-Residence
Thomas William Collins
Professor of Music & Registrar
W. Ruth Anderson
Professor of Education
Dorothy Stacey Cummings
Professor of English
O. Ray Gibson
Professor of Education & Director of Teacher Education
Marvin Ernest Oetting
Professor of Agriculture
Wayne Eugene Kennedy
Professor of Mathematics-Physics
Bobby Lee Smith
Professor of Health & Physical Education
Leslie K. Babcox
Professor of English
James David Chase
Keeter Center Staff
Debbie Henderson
Computer Center Director
Donald R. Barr
Associate Professor of Art
Stephen E. Bell
Associate Professor of Sociology
Tracy J. Bell
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Caleb D. Berkstresser
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Shawnda L. Bradshaw
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Joseph E. Brinell
Assistant Professor of Aviation Science & Director of Airport Operations
James L. Buchan
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Jayme S. Burchett
Professor of Art
Jessie J. Burroway
Professor of History
Jennifer A. Carey
Instructor, Laboratory School
Phillip L. Carman
Professor of English
Tammy L. Holder
Chair of Agriculture & Assistant Professor of Agriculture
Karl F. Young
Professor of Sociology
Ronald D. Wyly
Associate Professor of Library Science & Technical Services Librarian
George L. Wilson
Associate Professor of Physical Education
Michael L. Williams
Associate Professor of Graphic Arts
Janice S. Williams
Professor of Nursing
Curtis A. Wilkinson
Associate Professor of Communication Arts
Tana L. Whited
Instructor, Laboratory School
Jerrold W. Watson
Associate Professor of Graphic Arts
Allan J. Waller
Associate Professor of Physical Education & Athletics Director
Thomas L. Wagnon
Professor of Business
David C. Vogt
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Damon I. Vincent
Professor of Technology
Maxine G. Trimble
Professor of Psychology
Roberto L. Texidor
Associate Professor of Science
Diane L. Smith
Associate Professor of Nursing
Steve S. Shepherd
Associate Professor of Physical Education & Men’s Basketball Coach
Andrew C. Staugaard
Associate Professor of Computer Science
James M. Todd
Assistant Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies
Robert L. Snyder
Chair of Biological Science & Professor of Biology
Bonnie M. Todd
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Kara M. Swofford
Associate Professor of Education
Dana E. Rookstool
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Jeff H. Rettig
Professor of Biology
Kyle D. Rapinchuk
Assistant Professor of Christian Worldview, Laboratory School
Lincoln Clarke Lambeth
Professor of Spanish
Stephen John Kneeshaw
Professor of History
Robert B. Powers
Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Kevin J. Powers
Assistant Professor of Music
James F. Findlay
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Joseph S. Greene
Director of Computer Center
Kenton C. Olson
Professor of Biology and Dean of the College
Deborah K. Piland
Assistant Professor of Dietetics
David B.
Assistant Professor of Humanities
Brad C. Pardue
Assistant Professor of History
Robert A. Osburn
Associate Professor of Health & Physical Education
William R. Osborne
Assistant Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies
Bryan C. Oetting
Associate Professor of Agriculture
Stacy A. McNeill
Professor of Communication Arts
Donald P. McMahon
Professor of Psychology
Stephen A. Miller
Professor of Biology
John E. Mizell
Professor of Music
Mark L. Nowack
Associate Professor of Engineering
Linda M. Moran
Professor of Nursing
Christina R. Martin
Assistant Professor, Laboratory School
Andrea L. Martin
Instructor of Mathematics, Laboratory School
Amy A. Martin
Assistant Professor of Humanities, Laboratory School
Rex R. Mahlman
Professor of Business
G. Stanley Fry
Dean of Institutional Advancement
David L. Lundeen
Assistant Professor, Laboratory School
Townsend Godsey
VP of Public Relations
R. M. Good
Byron E. Leonard
Associate Professor of Mathematics-Physics
M. Graham Clark
Chair of Christian Nurture and Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies
Teresa A. Geisler
Mueller Endowed Chair of Clothing Construction & Associate Professor of Family & Consumer Sciences
Emily A. Emery
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Barbara D. Fennell
Assistant Professor of Physics
Steven C. Fowler
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Kendra R. Franks
Assistant Professor of Music, Laboratory School
Jamie K. Fugitt
Professor of Mathematics
Bruce A.Gerlach
Professor of Music
Paul L. Gianoli
Associate Professor of English
Kenneth E. Garrison
Professor of Chemistry
John N. Goodwin
Professor of Psychology
Lana S. Fowler
Associate Professor of Business
Jeff C. Elliott
Associate Professor of Psychology
Mary E. Graham
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
Mark E. Rapinchuk
Chair of Christian Nurture and Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Craig L. Haile
Professor of Mathematics and Chairman, Mathematical and Natural Sciences Division
Sheryl L. Haile
Professor of Psychology
Rebecca L. Hamon
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Erin E. Hayes-Dennis
Professor (Associate) of the Practice of Journalism & Media
Marilyn L. Graves
Advisor for Athletics & Professor of Physical Education
Bobby G. Hendrickson
Professor of English
Rebecca R. Hendrix
Associate Professor of Psychology
Lisa S. Herchenroeder
Associate Professor of Nursing
Michael W. Howell
Professor of History
Mark A. Hubbard
Professor of Agriculture
Mary Kay
Instructor, Laboratory School
Jeffery C. Johnston
Professor of Art
Kristen J. Kelley
Instructor, Laboratory School
Christina S. Keith
Associate Professor of Education
Juanita M. Kirk
Professor of English
Ralph T. Reeve
Chair of Free Enterprise and Associate Professor of Business
Elizabeth Hoyt Clark
Chair of Humanities and Professor of History
Bryan M. Cizek
Instructor of Agriculture
John D. Cornish
Assistant Professor of Music
Richard W. Cummings
Associate Professor of Art
Marvin L. DeJong
Professor of Mathematics & Physics
Albert T. Dixon
Professor of Mathematics
Holly L. Duncan
Instructor, Laboratory School
Mayburn Davidson
Assistant Professor of Education & Dean of Work
Sam D. Clawson
Dean of Students
William D. Todd
Vice President
M. Glen Cameron
Professor of Education & Dean of Campus & International Services
Wayne Huddleston
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Academic Dean
Stacy M. Edwards
Instructor of Physical Education & Women’s Volleyball Coach
Donald E. Hoeck
Professor of Physical Education
Victor J. Ingrum
Associate Professor of Graphic Arts
Paul A. Slicer
Director of Career Development
Michael O. Jones
Associate Professor of Psychology
Kalah M. Kemp
Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
Ryan P. Knight
Associate Professor of Education
Julie Koenig
Administrative Assistant, Lower Laboratory School
Scott W. McElvain
Assistant to the Dean of the Laboratory School
Robert S. Wilson
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