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Org chart

Nadia Cohen
Executive Assistant
Nicholas Wood
Growth Analyst
Sapphire Yi-Dyer
Head of Client Success
Samuel Stelle
Senior Software Engineer
Matt ffrench constant
Machine Learning Engineer
Milo Abel
People Operations Manager
Kalyn Des Jardins
Senior Manager of Agency Partnerships
Will Martin
Strategic Partnerships Associate
Anastasia Huet
Sales Director
Alim Mukhida
Strategic Account Director
Andy Siddle
Sales Director Team Lead
Michael Murray
Marketing Manager
Elissa Ha
Product Marketing Manager
Alfie Rahman
Global Sales Development Manager
Isobel Bruce
Marketing Associate
Phil Mass
Senior Software Engineer
Ian Stewart
Software Engineer
Jason Tang
Software Engineer
Mitul Saha
Software Engineer
Denise Dearman
Senior Software Engineer
Elijah Poppele
Software Engineer
Zachary Bodek
Software Engineer
Stephen Norod
Software Engineer
Ben Johnson
Software Engineer
Stephen Buckley
Senior Software Engineer
Ese Enamejewa
Technical Operations Associate
Joel Fernandez
Technical Operations Associate
Alex Giannakos
Technical Operations Associate
Henry Young
Technical Operations Associate
Luca Richards
Technical Operations Associate
Pauline Roze
Customer Support Associate
Anthony Garay
Product Integrations Manager
Obi Ijomah
Associate Product Designer
Natasha Mamoun
Product Manager
Rebecca Hinkson
Product Operations Manager
Samantha Swartz
Product Designer
Christian Savarese
Product Manager
David Wynn
Product Manager
Collin Cummings
Lead Brand Designer
Dave Pattimore
Product Operations Manager

Behind the scenes


Elevate yourself and each other

Key themes: Excellence, ambition, humility. We have high expectations and low egos. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards, the hunger to excel, the humility to learn, and the self-awareness to grow. Embrace the things you don’t know and the areas you’re uncertain about and seek out opportunities for self-improvement. Respect other people’s time by setting honest and realistic expectations. Actively avoid decisions that put your teammates in a bind. Practice radical candor, actively give and seek feedback, and lift up your teammates with encouragement and recognition when they excel. We speak candidly, respectfully, and humbly.

Encourage constructive dissent and conclusive decisions.

Key themes: Challenging, best idea wins, action-oriented. We believe the best ideas survive through healthy debate, so we ensure that constructive dissent thrives at Picasso Labs. No matter where or whom the idea comes from, we critique to improve, we feed back to move forward. We speak up, openly and often, in order to make progress. Challenge assumptions, ask difficult questions, and play Devil's advocate. Exhibit, encourage and reward this behaviour. But listen actively and demonstrate humility when it's your own idea in the line of fire. Commit yourself to the organisational result, not the individual idea, so once a decision is made, accept the conclusion and accelerate its transformation to reality. We speak openly, equally, straightforwardly.

Lead confidently, execute collectively.

Key themes: Autonomous, collaborative, intentional. We value those who take the lead, rally the team, and roll up their sleeves. Those with the self motivation, self assuredness and selflessness to move the business forward. Just like a team of rowers, working hard alone won't get you where you need to go, and everyone has to play their role and pull their weight. Step up and take charge of the areas where you can make a contribution, even if you haven’t been directly asked to do so. Apply your individual and collective initiative and intelligence to get things done. No task is beneath any of us, so when your teammates need your support, it’s all hands on deck. We speak with conviction, empathy and energy.

Think curiously, operate analytically.

Key themes: Creative, data-driven, growth minded. We practice scepticism, not cynicism. We’re creatively optimistic and operationally realistic. We don’t just accept things on face value because they sound good, we seek out the insights, dig into the data, and sweat the details. Use data to challenge the accepted wisdom, open up new avenues to explore, and improve upon established norms. Gut-feeling and instincts are a good start, but they’re never enough to make the really big bets that will push the bounds of what is possible. We speak inquisitively, objectively, and diligently.

Work for outcomes not hours

Key themes: Results-driven, proactive, intelligent. We focus on what gets done, not how many hours are spent in the office. We’re proactive about pushing things forward, continually improving how our work can deliver a better output, outcome, and organization. We work smarter, not just harder. Push for clarity on the outcome for each task and drive alignment to our wider goals. Develop clear measurement criteria for your work, continually monitoring and providing transparency on where we’re doing well or where we’re falling behind. Seek out the right people and information to improve our process and our progress. We speak clearly, conscientiously, and productively.