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Pavel Demeshchik

Yulia Garanok
Head of Marketing & Business Development

Behind the scenes



Every single datarocker is a conscientious person. They do their job as best as possible, never sacrifice quality, nor hesitate to speak out about their opinions. Achieving the result is a professional responsibility, and datarockers know the right path to it. A datarocker understands that the best product is a workable product that is launched on time. Striving for perfectionism doesn’t justify missing deadlines.

Personal development

Datarockers are ambitious life-long learners. Our teammates share their experience in articles, contribute to open source, organize and speak at conferences & meetups for engineers. Datarockers do not stick to one framework or library; they are willing to adopt other technologies. Datarockers understand the fundamental programming concepts, which helps them quickly master any new technologies.


Datarockers tend to find a healthy and productive way to express themselves. As a company, we create a safe space for it. Self-expression is an essential part of everyone’s life. Therefore, every datarocker: chooses the path of creation, cares about personal mental state, is driven by curiosity, has the desire to invent things, gets the pleasure from finding elegant and brilliant solutions to complex problems, and loves adding values to anything he or she does.


Datarockers are responsible for everything that happens in both personal life and at work. They do not try to limit their responsibility and do not seek excuses. Datarockers always pick up the phone and do not hide from problems and stressful meetings. They don’t disappear at the most critical moment — even if they make mistakes, they tell the truth and offer solutions to resolve the problem.