JP Errico

Founder & Principal Investor at electroCore

An accomplished inventor, JP received his undergraduate degree in aeronautical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked at the Air Force National Laboratory, Lincoln Laboratories. He holds both law and mechanical/materials engineering graduate degrees from Duke University.

JP trained as a patent attorney in New York and is the author of a treatise on international intellectual property law. Through ongoing collaboration with investing partners, JP, along with fellow investor and board member Thomas J. Errico, MD, previously founded and sold or took public numerous med-tech ventures, including Fastenetix, K2 Medical Systems, AD4-Pharma, E2, and SpineCore. Products conceived by these start-up companies have generated more than $15 billion in sales to date and delivered over $500 million in liquidity events to their investors. He also served as the CEO of SpineCore from the inception of the company through its sale to Stryker in July 2004.

JP is a named inventor on more than 125 issued US patents and is a named inventor on more than 230 pending US applications. Additional patents and patent applications outside the US on which he is a named inventor number greater than 250. In addition to his current role as Chief Science & Strategy Officer, JP continues to make significant inventive contributions in all aspects of electroCore’s key patent portfolios, along with the clinical and market validations of the company’s products and their indications.


  • Founder & Principal Investor

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