Giulio de Vecchi

Data Scientist at Enea AB

Giulio De Vecchi has a strong background in software development and data science. Giulio is currently working as a Data Scientist in the Data Intelligence group at Enea AB, where they research new algorithms for threat detection in telecommunication networks. Prior to this, they held the same role at AdaptiveMobile Security, where they also worked as a Senior Software Research Engineer in the research group of the Threat Intelligence Unit.

Before joining AdaptiveMobile Security, De Vecchi worked at Aspect Software as a Principal Senior Engineer, focusing on R&D for the next generation of realtime data processing for contact centers. Giulio also has experience as a self-employed Senior Software Developer and Analyst, working for Runtime Desing Automation, and as a Senior Software Developer at IT+Robotics, where they developed software for robotic simulations.

De Vecchi started their career as a Senior Software Developer at Nesit, where they developed telecommunications and support management software, and at Data Mark Group Technologies, where they ported software for the management of network equipment. Giulio also worked as a Senior Software Developer at Orangee, where they were involved in various projects for different clients, and as a Software Developer at Runtime Design Automation, where they contributed to the analysis and development of the Flowtracer project.

Giulio De Vecchi completed their M.Sc. in Mathematics from the Università degli Studi di Padova from 1989 to 1995. In addition to their formal education, they obtained several certifications from Coursera. These include certifications in R Programming in March 2015, Machine Learning in May 2014, Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations in May 2014, Analyse numérique pour ingénieurs in April 2014, and Cryptography I in April 2012.



  • Data Scientist

    July, 2021 - present