If you want to plan an event, set up registration, manage guests list, build a beautiful website, deploy a mobile app, our Event Management Technology has you covered.






Org chart

Miora Rafidimaharo
Customer Success Manager
Juliette Claudon
Customer Success Lead Europe

Behind the scenes


Committed to accompany you: Let's be friends

We live in a digital world, yet we rely on humans. The core essence of our company involves humbleness, flawless care for our users, and the presence of human touch in everything we do.

Maximizing the efficiency: We can lead the way

Apart from adding a creative touch to our products and services, we strive to change the way people run events. We believe in the automation of planning and marketing efforts, helping teams to save time and resources.

Building Trust: We have your back

We are committed to keep up the pace with the new demands and problems our users have. Our main focus is to equip them with the most efficient and powerful tools, helping them to effortlessly overcome their challenges.