The Engineering team builds Circuit’s products, often working alongside the product team to do so. They also work behind the scenes on technical projects that improve the experience for our customers and internal teams.

Meet the team

Fun facts

When I want to relieve my stress I put on my headphones, turn on my microphone and start singing karaoke loudly until I feel better.

Ex-rugby referee, I officiated and taught refereeing in Buenos Aires for 5+ years. Also, I'm a coffee and mate aficionado 🧐. Dream for 2024: an espresso corner in my office to enjoy while coding 🤓.


Was a nomad for two years in Brazil before settling down in Portugal.

How we work

Our purpose

Build easy-to-use apps for delivery drivers all over the world to find the fastest and most efficient routes.

Develop products and features that turn complex, real-world challenges into simple product solutions.

How we work

With semi-async working, we ditch the daily stand-ups and sprint rituals, leaving us more time to focus on delivering outstanding work.

Our favorite tools

We use TypeScript, a mix of React, Svelte & Solid on the front-end, Node.js on the back-end, and Jest, React Testing Library and Cypress for testing.

On the iOS side, we mostly work with Swift, UIKit, Combine and XCTest. We are looking forward to making a transition to SwiftUI in 2023.

On the Android side, we mainly work with Kotlin, Coroutines, Flow, Jetpack Compose and Firebase.

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