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Org chart

Craig Peters
Chief Executive Officer

Craig Peters

Mikael Cho
CEO, Unsplash
Nate Gandert
Chief Technology Officer
Gene Foca
Chief Marketing Officer
Grant Farhall
Chief Product Officer
Lizanne Vaughan
Chief People Officer
Kjelti Kellough
General Counsel
Andrew Saunders
SVP, Creative Content
Ken Mainardis
SVP, Content
Peter Orlowsky
SVP, Strategic Development
Daine Weston
SVP, Ecommerce
Rebecca Swift
SVP, Creative
Michael Teaster
SVP & Chief of Staff
Katie Calhoun
VP, Sales Americas
Ken Leverenz
VP, Sales EMEA
Mike Harris
VP, Sales, Asia Pacific
Matthew J. Richards
VP, Customer Service
Guy Thorneloe
VP, Sales, EMEA


We put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

We listen to, anticipate, and exceed customer needs, adapting as they evolve.

We deliver on our commitments and commercial goals.

With one voice and shared accountability.

We are one Getty Images with no silos.

We share goals and accountability; we and actively seek information and expertise; we make time for our peers.

We are inclusive of different voices, perspectives, and experiences.

Diversity and inclusion are never done, but we are passionate in their pursuit.

We reject biased behavior and discrimination.

We seek to understand biases in all forms. We call out biases and discrimination when observed and take action where responsible.

We care, are kind, courteous, and respectful.

We will not tolerate rudeness.

We collectively bring solutions.

We love debate, but collaborating to solve problems for ourselves and our customers is everyone’s responsibility.

We always raise the bar.

Excellence is our norm; we get better through endeavor, curiosity, and speed.

We are trustworthy, transparent, and honest.

We love character, authenticity, and integrity.