Chris Ebner

Lead Developer / Development Manager at Halliburton

Chris Ebner has over a decade of experience working at Halliburton, starting as a Co Op and progressing to the role of Lead Developer / Development Manager. Throughout their roles, Chris has managed a team of 40 developers and 5,000+ users, with a budget responsibility of 1.5M. Chris has overseen the development of 10+ applications, lead the transition from waterfall to agile methodology, implemented stronger security standards, and coordinated technology upgrades and Windows 10/ Edge compatibility for all applications.



  • Lead Developer / Development Manager

    October, 2016 - present

  • Lead Application Analyst

    January, 2014

  • Senior Application Analyst

    December, 2010

  • Application Analyst III

    June, 2008

  • Application Analyst II

    May, 2006

  • Application Analyst

    January, 2004

  • Co Op

    June, 2001