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Launched in 2018, kea is changing the way restaurants operate. We've built a SaaS voice product that takes calls on the behalf of the restaurant, helping customers place their orders without having to speak to someone in the store. This allows the restaurant to stop context-switching and focus on what they do best: making great food. We've raised $18m to date and we're building an amazing team to drive the world's...



  • We are committed to innovation while moving as one unit at high-velocity.

    We have a "see something, say something" policy at kea where everyone is empowered to voice their opinion and be taken seriously. We're building a never-before-seen solution and we believe that it takes all of us to be successful with this. Taking ownership is the kea way of life, and we'll always go the extra mile to ensure keas feel heard and empowered in their roles and beyond! #keatamojunto #kealife

Insider experiences

What do you wish you had known before starting at kea?

I wish I would've known just HOW DIFFERENT working in a startup is. I made myself miserable for the first two months [at kea] by trying to 'copy & paste' my corporate habits into this scrappy startup. How wrong I was! Your corporate habits will not serve you here. Every day is different. Nothing is for sure. You'll either be thrilled by this (which I am) and rise to that challenge every day with fresh eyes; or you'll be exhausted by this fact of startup life. Know thyself!

Adam Ahmad
Founder & CEO
Ksenia Collins
Director of People
Matt Slevinsky
James Neiweem
National Account Manager
Jessica Meksavan
Finance Lead

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