Todd Reynolds

Director at Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Inc.

Todd Reynolds is a Vice President, Project Manager, and the leader of Kennedy Jenks’ Water Treatment Community of Practice. Projects on which he has worked include surface water, advanced water purification, recycled water, groundwater, and seawater supply and treatment; membrane treatment including microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), and desalination; and ozone, ultraviolet (UV), and UV/AOP systems.

Todd has served as a Project Manager and Engineer for the planning, design construction and start-up of numerous water and recycled water projects. He has authored water-related articles and papers for professional society magazines and conferences. In his career, Todd has been responsible for the evaluation and/or design of upgrades, rehabilitation, retrofit, and/or replacement for over 50 water treatment plants and advanced treatment (AWT) projects, and 15 pumping stations for 40+ municipal agencies.


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