Kuku FM


We aim to make your life better off the screen. We work with thousand of artists and create meaningful audio shows for you to enjoy at your own time. We are India's most loved and biggest Audiobook and Storytelling platform, serving over 5000 Audio Shows in Indian Regional Languages.







Org chart

Vikas Goyal
Co Founder / CTO
Vinod Kumar Meena
Co-Founder / COO

Behind the scenes



Instead of trying everything, we chose our direction and stick to it. You will find that we are comfortable in saying No to good ideas if they do not align with our defined goals or purposes. This will help you to get more focused on your work deliverables.

Customer Obsession

Define who is your customer. Understand them and their needs. Lead your plans and projects keeping customer interest on top priority.


You own your work. You should be comfortable in questioning the solution, decisions and resources contributed towards your project. You are smart and intelligent being capable of deciding best approach to work on your project. We expect people to own what they do and how they do it.

Flat hierarchy

We believe in team work and respect. In our discussions idea which have more merits wins over the ideas which came from the top. This is supported by our ideology of keeping customer first. Keeping flat hierarchy also means that everyone is accessible to other. A new employee starting their first day can access to CEO without having to go through command chain. This allows us quicker access to customer insights and collaborative work environment


Big things are achieved when people come together. Being respectful about other team members and doing frequent meaningful communication helps us to achieve our goals.