LaSalle Investment Management is a leading real estate investment management firm.




Org chart

Mark Gabbay
Global Chief Executive Officer
Kristy Heuberger
Co-Head of the Americas, Head of US Asset Management
Brad Gries
Co-Head & Co-CIO, Americas
Lisa Kaufman
Global CEO, Securities
Tim Kessler
Global Chief Operating Officer
Michael Ricketts
Global Chief Financial Officer
Darline Scelzo
Global Head of Human Resources
Alok Gaur
Global Head of Investor Relations
Jacques Gordon
Global Head of Research & Strategy
Jon Zehner
CEO, LaSalle Global Partner Solutions

Co-CIO, Asia Pacific

Keith Fujii
Head of Asia Pacific, CEO Japan
Philip La Pierre
Head of Europe
Matthew Jordan
Managing Director, Acquisitions
Marc Montanus
Fund Manager
Gordon Repp
General Counsel
Dahye Rhee
VP, Portfolio Management