Erin McCollum-Pewitt

Svp, Operations, Compliance/bsa Officer at Liberty Capital Bank

Erin McCollum-Pewitt, CRCM, CAMS, CERP has a strong background in compliance and risk management. Starting in 2007 at Valliance Bank, they served as Vice President, Compliance Officer, and BSA Officer until 2011. Erin then joined Legend Bank as the VP, Compliance/CRA Officer, where they remained until 2020. In 2020, Erin McCollum-Pewitt moved to Pegasus Bank as the SVP, Compliance/CRA/Privacy Officer, and later joined Liberty Capital Bank as the VP, Compliance/BSA Officer. Currently, they hold the role of SVP, Operations, Compliance/BSA Officer at Liberty Capital Bank.

Erin McCollum-Pewitt received a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture Sciences from Texas A&M University-Commerce from 1998 to 2000. Prior to that, they attended Tarleton State University from 1995 to 1998, studying Agriculture in general. In addition to their education, Erin McCollum-Pewitt has obtained certifications as a Certified Enterprise Risk Professional from the American Bankers Association and as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist from ACAMS. They are also a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager, certified by the American Bankers Association. The years in which Erin McCollum-Pewitt obtained these certifications are not specified.



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  • Svp, Operations, Compliance/bsa Officer

    September, 2021 - present

  • Vp, Compliance/bsa Officer

    October, 2020