Thomas Adams

Co-Founder at Lull

Thomas Adams' work experience includes co-founding Lull, a direct-to-consumer mattress company, in 2015. Thomas was responsible for designing, engineering, and crafting high-quality mattresses, as well as delivering them directly to customers' doorsteps at a lower cost compared to traditional mattresses.

Prior to that, in 2012, Adams co-founded Scalable Commerce, an online marketing services provider. As the Chief Customer Officer, they focused on marketing consumer products through various online channels such as paid search, display, email, and partnerships.

From 1995 to 2005, Adams co-founded Bargain Network, Inc. and took charge of the revenue generating sales department. Under their leadership, the company's annual revenues grew from $0 to nearly $70 million. Thomas also played a crucial role in orchestrating a $60 million acquisition to a public company and served as the president, guiding BNI through its most profitable years post-acquisition.

In 1999, Adams co-founded inQ.com (now TouchCommerce) where they helped create the first real-time, agent-initiated live chat application for public site direct sales and customer support. Thomas held this role until 2002.

Overall, Adams has a strong background in co-founding and leading various companies in the direct-to-consumer and online marketing sectors, with notable achievements in revenue growth and acquisitions.

Thomas Adams received a Bachelor's degree in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara, where they studied from 1990 to 1994.



  • Co-Founder

    April, 2015 - present

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