Victor Beausolei

Advisor at Marigold Capital

Victor Beausolei has been working in the financial industry for over 10 years. Victor started their career as an advisor at Fair Finance Fund, a company that provides financial assistance to small businesses. Victor then transitioned to Table of Impact Investment Practitioners, where they helped clients invest in socially and environmentally responsible projects. After several years in the industry, Victor decided to move into the non-profit sector and took a position at The Canadian CED Network - Le Réseau canadien de DÉC, where they worked to promote economic development in marginalized communities. Victor then spent a year at Toronto Community Benefits Network, a organization that works to ensure that all residents of Toronto benefit from economic development projects in the city. Most recently, Victor has been working as an advisor at Marigold Capital, a firm that specializes in impact investing. In their current role, Victor is responsible for helping clients choose investments that will have a positive social and environmental impact.

Victor Beausoleil has a certificate in integrative thinking from the University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management. Victor specialize in non-profit/public/organizational management.


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