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Maze empowers product and marketing teams to test anything from prototypes to copy, or round up user feedback—all in one place. Rapidly collect user insights across teams and create better user experiences, together. Works with: Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, Marvel & Sketch.



  • Human design

    We always consider the human on the other side of every interaction: when we design experiences, develop our product, create marketing materials, or walk you through our product.

  • Embrace vulnerability

    We believe that improving anything starts with the ability to listen to others. Feedback — both internal and external — is vital to everything we do.

  • Informed by data

    We believe in the power of data. And this is why we use data as the basis of our decision-making—but we also believe in going with your gut feeling from time to time. We’re human after all.

  • Iterate everything

    Everything we do at Maze is an iteration to the next step. We don’t strive for immediate perfection but rather take an experimental approach to everything we do.

  • Beautiful always

    We’re a design-led company and believe in the power of beautiful design to drive business growth, user satisfaction and ultimately to change the world.

  • Build fast

    With speed comes faster learnings. We believe in continuous improvements so that our users get more value faster and we can learn rapidly.

Insider experiences

What’s your favorite thing about working at Maze?

My favorite thing about working at Maze is that I'm a human first and a professional second. I love that we start the day by greeting each other in Slack, that we start the meetings with "How are you?" and "What's been happening in your life?" I love that we celebrate business milestones and personal ones, and I love that I can be my authentic self.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Maze?

The company values align very nicely with my personal values and I see them lived out on a daily basis. Build fast, Beautiful always, Iterate everything, Informed by data, Embrace vulnerability and Human design. These to me speak as a human and as a professional. When we are growing at a fast rate these are the guardrails we work within.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Maze?

One of my favorite things that I love about working at Maze is our morning greetings. I think it's such a pleasant way to start off our workdays because everyone from all over the world gathers to one specific slack channel to greet the team "Good Morning" along with a funny gif/picture. Since we work in an all-remote, asynchronous environment, I find it fascinating that we can all connect in this way as if we were all in a single office together.

Jonathan Widawski
Founder & CEO
Thomas Mary
Founder & CTO
Brandon Wolf
SVP Customer Experience
April Hoffbauer
VP of People
Bozena Pieniazek
VP of Marketing
Arjen Harris
Director of Product
Will Paulus
VP of Sales
Roger Bretos
Senior Director of Experience Design
Eleanor Davies
Principal Business Operations Lead
Morgan Bruce
VP of Engineering
  • Core Pod

    10 members

  • Tester Management Pod

    8 members

  • Usability Testing Pod

    7 members

  • Acquisition & Activation Pod

    6 members

Other announcement

How do Founders Separate Their Own Wellbeing From Their Company’s?

How do Founders Separate Their Own Wellbeing From Their Company’s?

Jo Widawski, Cofounder & CEO of Maze, contributes to the Oliva blog to discuss an important & underrated topic, founder wellbeing. Jo describes the founding journey as an emotional rollercoaster. 🎢Check it out here.

Other announcement

VP of People Get's Real About Mental Health and How it Changed Her as a Leader

VP of People Get's Real About Mental Health and How it Changed Her as a Leader

Find out how April Hofbauer, VP of People at Maze, thinks we can all contribute to normalizing conversations about mental health. 🧠🤗 Listen & subscribe here. April talks about the most common mental health struggles she's seen in her remote workplace, and what the People team at Maze is doing to help team members manage and overcome them. 💙

Team announcement

Meet Maze's Senior Product Marketing Manager: Naomi Francis

Meet Maze's Senior Product Marketing Manager: Naomi Francis

What started as an approach for freelance work has become a dream job for Naomi Francis at user testing platform Maze. Naomi is Maze’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, where she works on messaging, product launches and persona development. After working for a mix of early stage to large scale startups in the tech industry, Naomi was fulfilling freelance roles to buy her time finding the right position at the right company. “I was looking for a pre-series A startup with a standout product, where I felt I could really help build something from scratch, alongside a fantastic team,” she says. Naomi had crossed paths with Maze some years before when working in the design industry and had followed their journey since. “I’d met Jo (co-founder and CEO) and Bozena (Director of Marketing) and I knew they were good people. Having worked in the design industry, I knew the space pretty well, the problem they were solving, and the audience they were targeting. When I heard they had a role in product marketing opening, I knew I had to get on board.” Naomi has a rounded experience in many different elements of marketing, from content to product marketing. Her career began in communications, where she fell in love with all elements of storytelling. “I love growing our understanding of our customers, getting to know their wants and needs, and using that knowledge to develop engaging and relevant stories. That’s why I love product marketing, working on the core message of Maze and applying that to our different personas. “This all goes hand in hand with working closely with the Product team, which is exciting as we can share insights on customers as we go and build something great together.” Working with startups has helped her bring storytelling to many different projects; both the familiar and the unknown. That’s one of the things Naomi loves about startup culture; the versatility of every day and the fast moving learning culture that’s always changing. Since joining Maze, the remote set up alongside changing covid restrictions meant Naomi didn’t meet any of her colleagues in person until 10 months into the job. Despite this, she says it didn’t affect her ability to build relationships across all levels and teams, and attributes this to Maze’s thoughtfully curated and inclusive onboarding. “Our documentation is just incredible. It’s something I haven't experienced at any other company. We use Notion to document strategy, create communication threads, project manage and the like, so it’s very easy to jump in and to see what teams across the company are working on or find helpful information. “This type of structure in documentation comes from our goal to prioritize asynchronous work. Hiring across the world means the team is in different time zones. I’m excited for these steps as it makes you feel trusted, autonomous, and it helps you curate an amazing work-life balance.” Working remotely has given Naomi the opportunity to design her own day. Whilst working from home can make it easy to work longer hours, having a good morning and end of work day routine helps her define her personal time and bring balance. “I find that prioritizing self-care and exercise in the mornings and at the end of the work day helps me switch in and out of work mode. My go-to’s are yoga, pilates or even just a walk helps with my mindset and creativity. Sometimes even just a change in environment can bring new productivity and bursts of energy, so I’ll often head to a coworking space or quiet cafe close by.” When she’s not being active, Naomi is into interior design, as well as reading, writing and poetry. She hopes one day to write something of her own.

Team announcement

CEO and Co-Founder Get's Real About Mental Health as a Founder

CEO and Co-Founder Get's Real About Mental Health as a Founder

Find out how Jo Widawski Cofounder & CEO of Maze, navigates mental health in the highs and lows of a fast-growing startup 🚀 Listen & subscribe here. Jo talks about the identity crisis he faces as a founder, and what it really means to lead by example on mental health—for better, and for worse. 🎭

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