Merkle is a leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company. For over 30 years, Fortune 1,000 companies and leading nonprofit organizations have partnered with Merkle to build and maximize the value of their customer portfolios.





Org chart

Michael Komasinski

Margaret Wagner
President, Merkle EMEA
Pete Stein
President, Merkle Americas
John Riccio
President, Merkle APAC
Kiaran Geen
President, APAC, Merkle B2B
Anne Stagg
CEO, CXM - dentsu
Hawk Liu
CEO, China Region
Peter Randazzo
Global CTO
Elizabeth Rafferty
Global Chief People Officer
Susan Zoch
Global Chief Counsel
Harry Brakeley
Chief Growth Officer
Kirt Morris
Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Matt Naeger
Global Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Marketing Officer
Sophie Lee
Chief Financial Officer, APAC
Christopher Webb
Chief Operating Officer, APAC
Imelda Mapleston
Chief Marketing Officer, APAC
Billy Thomas
Chief Operating Officer, Merkle Americas
Amanda Moore
Chief Growth Officer, Merkle Americas
Shawn Streett
CIO, Information Management Systems & Dentsu Global Services
Matthew Seeley
Global Marketing Tech & Data Management Lead
Sean Creamer
EVP, Board Member
Patrick Hounsell
EVP, Performance Media
Andrew Runyon
VP, Client Partner
Bobby Hollingsworth
CCO, Northern Europe
Ellie Ratcliff
Alliance Manager, Adobe - Merkle Northern Europe
Gerry Bavaro
Chief Strategy Officer, Merkury
Phillip Petrella
SVP, Growth Officer
Natalie Rogers
SVP Global Head of Strategic Planning
Jill Dudones
VP, Strategy
Shirli Zelcer
Head of Analytics & Data, Merkle Americas
Holden Bale
Global Lead, Experience & Commerce
Patrick Deloy
APAC Lead, Experience & Commerce
Walter Flaat
Canada Market Lead