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Org chart

Gaurav Rewari

Benn Stancil
Josh Ferguson
Chief Architect
Dan Quine
SVP, Product & Engineering
Lizz Harrell
VP, Customer Success
Wes Heavner
VP, Sales
Monish Prem
Director, Global Customer Support
Srikant Gokulnatha
SVP, Operations
Carey Straetz
Head of Demand Generation
Samera Wlue
Marketing Coordinator
Chioma Dunkley
Technical Content Writer
Emily Ritter
VP, Marketing
Clare Tolan
Lauren Lawson
Lead Recruiter
Jasmin Granke
Administrative Assistant
Alex Truong
People Operations Manager
Deborah Tillman
Recruiting Coordinator
Haneen Rafati
Recruiting Coordinator
Brianna Evans
Recruiting Coordinator
Megan Hogan
Director of Talent
Jeremy Kenton
Senior Director of Alliances
Tamesha Booker
Recruiting Coordinator
Maritsa Moore
Studio Business Development Representative
Jaleel Brigham
Studio Business Development Representative
Erica Male
Studio Business Development Representative


Honest Words, Kindly Delivered

We, like many organizations today, believe in open and transparent communication. Nobody should ever wonder about their progress or the progress of the business—honest questions deserve honest answers. Transparency and honesty, however, aren’t excuses to be unkind. Transparency isn’t an end to itself, but is a means to building trust and fostering communication. Cruelty can erode trust and sever connections just as quickly as closed doors.

Fight Our Own Biases

We live in a biased world. For many people, the game isn’t fair—their boards have a lot more chutes and a lot fewer ladders than our own. Not only should we not forget these disadvantages, but we also should be comfortable acknowledging the privileges we’ve been afforded. But we can help make things better, even in small ways. We fight for inclusion, and refuse to forget others simply for being different. We can’t ignore how small things—pronouns, stock images, team outings, and meeting agendas—can perpetuate and enforce our biases. Because we won’t see all of our own blindspots, we want to remember to learn how we can better from others.

A Balanced Responsibility

We treat our responsibility to customers thousands of miles away the same as we do for coworkers sitting next to us. Taking our job seriously doesn't mean we have to take ourselves too seriously. Puns, jokes, and off-the-wall conversations around the lunch table—these things make our company more welcoming, our product more human, and us more ourselves. We can also only be ourselves if we're encouraged to prioritize the parts of our lives beyond the office, and find balance between work and personal pursuits. Nevertheless, we also recognize that what's fun for some people isn't fun for everyone. A good culture is one that's comfortable, welcoming, and evolving, not one that's required or imposed.