Erik L. Johnson

Director, Delivery Operations at NV Energy

Erik L. Johnson, PE, MBA has over 25 years of work experience in the energy and communications sectors. Erik L. currently holds the position of Director of Delivery Operations at NV Energy, where they are responsible for managing electric delivery operations in the Reno, NV area. In this role, they establish business objectives, strategies, and vision, and manages financial and employee resources.

Prior to their current role, Erik held various management positions at NV Energy, including Manager of Electric Delivery Support and Manager of Lines Construction & Maintenance. In these roles, they led project management of capital and maintenance programs, developed change management programs, and oversaw budgeting and personnel management.

Before joining NV Energy, Erik worked at Sierra Pacific Power Company as a Supervisor of Trouble Response & New Service, Operations Engineer, and Associate Engineer. In these positions, they were responsible for activities such as troubleshooting, emergency restoration, system analysis, and project management.

Earlier in their career, Erik worked at Sierra Pacific Communications as an Engineer II, where they were involved in the design and construction of a fiber optic Metropolitan Area Network.

Before that, they gained experience as a Utility Project Coordinator at Sierra Pacific Power Company, where they prepared designs, estimates, and contractual agreements for utility services.

Erik began their career as a Telecom Technician at Nev-Cal Communications, where they installed and maintained business telephone systems.

Throughout their career, Erik has demonstrated strong leadership, problem-solving, and project management skills. Erik L. has extensive knowledge of electric distribution and transmission systems, as well as telecommunications infrastructure.

Erik L. Johnson, PE, MBA has a diverse education history. Erik L. earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno, graduating in 1999. Later, in 2014, they pursued a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the same university, specializing in Business. Erik L. also completed their high school education at Carlton High School from 1990 to 1995. Additionally, Erik holds professional engineering certifications as a Registered Professional Engineer in both Nevada and California. Erik L. obtained the Nevada certification in 2002 and the California certification in 2000.



  • Director, Delivery Operations

    May, 2022 - present

  • Manager, Electric Delivery Support

    January, 2020

  • Manager, Lines Construction & Maintenance

    March, 2014

  • Supervisor, Lines Construction & Maintenance - Transmission

    June, 2013

  • Supervisor, Lines Construction & Maintenance - Distribution

    May, 2007

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