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Org chart

Anthony Beilin
Founder & CEO

Anthony Beilin

Benjamin Hay
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Kimberly Hurd
Chief Growth Officer
Russell Corbould-Warren
Chief Product Officer
Ankit Saha
Chief Underwriting Officer
Higor Torchia
Chief Commercial Officer

Behind the scenes


Get Onside

We recognise that we're strongest as a team working towards the same goal. Put simply. we're on each other's side.

Say It Like It Is

We embrace clarity. Why? Because candour enables quality conversation, better decisions, and greater speed.

Bring Your Edge

Our creativity and innovation stems from our unique perspectives and independent thought. We embrace diversity, welcome bold ideas and celebrate the talents that set us apart.

Make it Count

We have a mission to complete and relentlessly pursue it with determination. We have a laser focus on what's important and we disregard what's not.