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Disrupting the affordable housing industry by creating a safe, attractive, and respectable co-living environment.



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What’s your favorite thing about working at PadSplit?

Help, I get from fellow work mates! can't wait to learn from them as much as possible.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned at PadSplit?

Patience and Understanding are everything! You need to really put yourself in the shoes of the member and be able to understand the company's policy, mission and vision in order to think of a way to balance both sides and help the members.

What’s your favorite thing about working at PadSplit?

I like how the Big PadSplit team is, with people of different countries.

What’s your favorite thing about working at PadSplit?

The Short Version ~ Wellness & Lifestyle Coach (2 years - Present) ~ Adjunct Instructor (3 Semesters) ~ Secondary Education (15 years) ~ Hospitality/Gaming Industry (19/1/2 years). Worked in Hotel Ops., HR, Training, Advertising, EEO & Quality Assurance.

Gayle Abrahams
Head of Finance
Hudson Cargill
Head of Fund Operations
Luiza Bilevi
Executive Admin Assistant
Frank Furman
Chief Operating Officer
Charles Grosse
Head of Legal
JonMichael O'Bryan
Chief Technology Officer
Jonathan Collins
Head of People
Dara Schaier
Head of Customer Experience

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