We’re a venture-backed startup on a mission to change the future of hospitality and home. With properties in some of America’s most-loved cities, our unique platform allows buildings to blur the line between hotels and apartments. This all-in-one solution includes property operations, customer acqui... Read more







Jason Fudin
CEO & Co-Founder
Bao Vuong
President & Co-Founder

Behind the scenes


We treat people right

We do right by our team members, customers, and partners. At Placemakr, we’re not us without you—so we make sure you, and everyone, are treated right.

We make it better

If there’s room for innovation or improvement, we’ll find it. Whether it’s streamlining an internal process or reimagining an entire building from the ground up, we always look for ways to make it better and bring our ideas to life.

We own it

The very best teams hold themselves accountable. At Placemakr, accountability is a core part of our workplace culture. Our team members own their work – both the wins and the losses - but we never hesitate to have each other’s back and lend a hand when needed.