Q_PERIOR is an internationally active consulting company at the interface of business and IT.





Org chart

Karsten Höppner

Bernhard Braunmüller
Chief Sales Officer
Craig Henningsen
General Manager, North America
Didem Steinbauer
Account Portfolio Manager, Insurance
Peter Benthake
Sector Lead, Insurance
Astrid Blechschmidt
Sector Lead Travel, Transport & Logistics
Oliver Wucher
Sector Lead, Automotive & Industries
Stephan Blankenburg
Topic Chapter Lead Automotive
Bernhard Davignon
Topic Chapter Lead, Technology & Innovation Germany
Lars Erdmann
Topic Chapter Lead Application, Data & Technology Business Design
Martin Hesse
Topic Chapter Lead Application, Data & Technology Finance Germany
André Landefeld
Topic Chapter Lead Insurance International, Digital Finance Transformation
Christof Merz
Topic Chapter Lead Audit & Risk
Uta Niendorf
Topic Chapter Lead Sales Management Insurance Germany
Frank Petczelies
Topic Chapter Lead Business Intelligence
Sebastian Scheube
Topic Chapter Lead Strategisches IT Management Germany
Roger Schmid
Topic Chapter Lead Project Management Excellence Switzerland
Thorsten Schrader
Topic Chapter Lead Insurance International, Insurance Core Platforms
Wolfgang Schütte-Felsche
Topic Chapter Lead Finance & Reporting
Jan-Hendrik Uhlenberg
Topic Chapter Lead Risk Management Germany
Eduardo D’Alma
Topic Area Lead Insurance International
Michael Gomolka
Topic Area Lead Cross Industry Solutions, Management qdive GmbH
Walter Kuhlmann
Topic Area Lead Banking
Malte Penther
Topic Area Lead Insurance
Roland Roudny
Topic Area Lead Application, Data & Technology
Peter Niederberger
Client Portfolio Lead
Claudio Volk
Sales Lead Nearshoring & Sector Development Industries
Holger Eder
Topic Area Co-Lead Application, Data & Technology