Véronique METAYER

Supply Chain Manager at Quantificare

Véronique METAYER has a diverse work experience in supply chain management and purchasing roles. Véronique started their career at Intermarché as an Import Manager, where they were responsible for budgeting, proposing purchasing strategies, and assessing import feasibility. Véronique later worked at JULIEN. EURL as an Import Buyer, where they focused on outsourcing and importation consulting. Véronique then joined GROUPE ARTHES as a Supply Chain Manager, overseeing budgeting, production planning, and purchasing of raw materials. Véronique continued their career at bernardi group as a Purchasing Manager, optimizing purchasing policies, negotiating contracts, and managing sourcing activities. Most recently, they worked at IPRA FRANCE INDUSTRIE DE PARFUMERIE ET RECHERCHES AROMATIQUES as a Purchasing Manager, harmonizing purchasing between different plants, planning based on sales forecasts and existing inventory, and optimizing material stocks to meet customer expectations. Véronique is currently employed at Quantificare as a Supply Chain Manager.

Véronique METAYER has a Master's degree in International Commerce from the Paris School of Business.


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  • Supply Chain Manager

    March, 2022 - present

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