SAILS group

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The SAILS Group Supports individuals with Developmental Disabilities and we offer Residential Care Homes for the Behaviorally Challenged and provide Autism Support with ABA Plus (ABA +) Approach among other services.





Org chart

Ihab Shahawi
Founder & CEO

Ihab Shahawi

Ariana Lopez
Director of Administrative Services
Lina Dancur
Executive Director San Diego
Alexandra Copete-Aristizabal
Compliance Director
Kaitie Corley
Washington Regional Director
Richard Haller
Vocational Director
Danny Dapper
Home Care Director
Angela Kind
Residential Services Administrator, Region 2
Drew Richards
Accounting Lead
Allie Gorman
Program Manager
Chris McClarty
Program Manager
Nye Williams
Administrative Manager
Seamus O'Hara
Program Manager