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Studies show that most fertility patients will spend hundreds of hours on the road, back and forth to appointments. What’s more, some patients who live outside major metropolitan areas may not be able to receive care at all or will have to travel for weeks at a time. At Sama, we believe that fertil... Read more






Org chart

Sarthak S Sawarkar
Chief Executive Officer

Sarthak S Sawarkar

Meir Olcha, MD, FACOG
Chief Medical Officer
Peter Quinzio
President, Chief Operating Officer
Priya (Sudha) Haran
Head of Partnerships
Mary Elizabeth Grant
Head of Product & Marketing
Anita Bracken
Head of Clinical Operations

Behind the scenes


Doing the right thing matters

Our CEO reminds us, "They say nice guys finish last. I don't believe that's true. We always do the right for our patients and each other." Doing the right thing is more than just an expectation—it's a fundamental component of our ethos. We stand steadfast in our commitment to stewardship and ethical conduct, understanding that our responsibilities extend beyond providing outstanding patient care.

Finding purpose in our work

Purpose-driven work is not a catchphrase but the guiding principle that underpins all our actions. We are deeply motivated by a shared purpose—to transform fertility care and champion the needs of our patients. Every role within our organization, no matter how big or small, feeds into this objective. We cultivate a work environment where each team member finds meaning and fulfillment in their work, knowing that their efforts directly contribute to making a tangible difference in people's lives.

We exist to serve

We believe that service transcends the simple provision of medical care—it's about creating a supportive, empathetic environment where every patient feels heard, understood, and cared for. Our team is committed to delivering personalized treatments with compassion and respect, understanding that each individual's fertility journey is unique. We continually strive to exceed expectations, aiming not just to meet the needs of our patients, but to anticipate and address them proactively.