Texas Instruments


Org chart

Richard K. Templeton
Chairman, President & CEO
Amichai Ron
SVP, Embedded Processing
Cynthia Hoff Trochu
SVP, Secretary & General Counsel
Hagop H. Kozanian
SVP, High Volume Analog and Logic, DLP Products and Education Technology
Haviv Ilan
SVP, Analog Signal Chain
Julie Van Haren
SVP, Communications & Investor Relations
Kyle M. Flessner
SVP, Technology & Manufacturing Group
Rafael R. Lizardi
SVP, CFO & Chief Accounting Officer, Finance & Operations
Stephen A. Anderson
SVP High Volume Analog/Logic, & Education Tech
Gurshaman Baweja
SVP and CIO, Information Technology (IT) Services
Mark S. Gary
SVP, Analog Power Products
Mark T. Roberts
SVP, Sales and Applications
Keith C. Ogboenyiya
SVP, Marketing
Christine A. Witzsche
SVP, Communications and Investor Relations
Krunali Patel
SVP, CIO - IT Solutions

Board & Advisors

Carrie S. Cox
Board Member
Janet F. Clark
Board Member
Jean M. Hobby
Board Member
Mark A. Blinn
Board Member
Michael Hsu
Board Member
Pamela H. Patsley
Board Member
Robert E. Sanchez
Board Member
Ronald Kirk
Board Member
Todd M. Bluedorn
Board Member

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