TheoremOne is an innovation and engineering company that advises clients on product strategy, engineering, design, and culture, then partners with them to build and launch technology-driven solutions to their most complex problems. TheoremOne is chosen by clients when results matter most — becoming... Read more




Org chart

Yoav Cohen
President, TheoremOne Core
David Kullmann
Partner, Proof
Sara Taillon
Partner, Digital Product Innovation
Will Jessup
Chief Transformation Officer
Will Kelly
Chief Growth Officer
Tom Shallcross
VP, Accounts
Adam Seeley
VP & Head of Sales
Chris Wilksberger
VP, Products & Services
Alex Finnemore
Head of Revenue
Christopher Clark
Head of Talent Acquisition
Nicolas Spurlock
VP, Corporate Development
Ivan Shulev
Talent Advocate, Engineering
Alla Babkina
Director, Engineering
Neville Reeves
Director, Transformation & Innovation
Andrew Upah
Director of Publicity
Alex Zapadenko
Director, Product Design
Iman Almidani
Technical Business Analyst
Scott Griset
Partner, Consulting
Camila Gimenez
Agile Coach
Kristin Peterson
Associate Director
Joe Lacroix
Engineering Manager

Behind the scenes


We find fulfillment in our work.

We take ownership of our own happiness. We’re happiest when we’re making progress toward our goals. We don’t do this because it’s fun, we do this because it’s important. We are committed to solving hard problems, working long hours and slogging it out when necessary.

We always get it done.

We are a trusted resource and ally for our clients. We stake our reputation on our work and stand behind our word. We don’t succeed until our clients do.

We expect leadership at every level.

Leadership is important in all roles, not just for management. Leadership means taking total responsibility for tasks, communicating up-and-down the chain of command, inspiring others, and proactively mitigating risks. Leadership is our highest calling.

We operate with humility & courage.

We ensure our ego does not get in the way of our work or relationships. We operate with humility and courage, honestly assessing our own performance by taking ownership of mistakes, and developing an achievable plan for success. We give each other kind, clear, specific, and sincere feedback when it’s the right thing to do, even if it’s difficult.

We embody professionalism.

We are calm and unwavering in all circumstances. Where others have their resolve shaken, we remain steadfast. Our work, communication, and actions are polished, so our clients always feel confident and rest easy knowing that they are on the path to success.

We win as a team.

If the team fails, everyone fails, even if a specific member or an element within the team did their job successfully. We don’t seek to attribute wins to individual performance but instead celebrate wins as a team.

We insist on the highest standards.

Yesterday isn’t good enough for tomorrow. We continuously work to improve our performance — raising the bar individually and as an organization. We’re devoted to excellence in our work and committed to ensuring our teammates are given the mentorship, coaching, and resources they need to succeed.

We’re in service of our clients.

We’re hired by our clients to help them achieve their mission. Our primary concern is their success. It is the lens through which we make all decisions and assess good judgement.

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