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TheoremOne is an innovation and engineering company that advises clients on product strategy, engineering, design, and culture, then partners with them to build and launch technology-driven solutions to their most complex problems. TheoremOne is chosen by clients when results matter most — becoming the agent of change, and driving a transformation that involves not only technology, but also people, process and le...



  • We find fulfillment in our work.

    We take ownership of our own happiness. We’re happiest when we’re making progress toward our goals. We don’t do this because it’s fun, we do this because it’s important. We are committed to solving hard problems, working long hours and slogging it out when necessary.

  • We always get it done.

    We are a trusted resource and ally for our clients. We stake our reputation on our work and stand behind our word. We don’t succeed until our clients do.

  • We expect leadership at every level.

    Leadership is important in all roles, not just for management. Leadership means taking total responsibility for tasks, communicating up-and-down the chain of command, inspiring others, and proactively mitigating risks. Leadership is our highest calling.

  • We operate with humility & courage.

    We ensure our ego does not get in the way of our work or relationships. We operate with humility and courage, honestly assessing our own performance by taking ownership of mistakes, and developing an achievable plan for success. We give each other kind, clear, specific, and sincere feedback when it’s the right thing to do, even if it’s difficult.

  • We embody professionalism.

    We are calm and unwavering in all circumstances. Where others have their resolve shaken, we remain steadfast. Our work, communication, and actions are polished, so our clients always feel confident and rest easy knowing that they are on the path to success.

  • We win as a team.

    If the team fails, everyone fails, even if a specific member or an element within the team did their job successfully. We don’t seek to attribute wins to individual performance but instead celebrate wins as a team.

  • We insist on the highest standards.

    Yesterday isn’t good enough for tomorrow. We continuously work to improve our performance — raising the bar individually and as an organization. We’re devoted to excellence in our work and committed to ensuring our teammates are given the mentorship, coaching, and resources they need to succeed.

  • We’re in service of our clients.

    We’re hired by our clients to help them achieve their mission. Our primary concern is their success. It is the lens through which we make all decisions and assess good judgement.

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What’s your favorite thing about working at TheoremOne?

The team at Theorem is full of people who care deeply about building really great products. It's thrilling to work with a group that is so passionate about doing their best work each and every day.

David Kullmann
Partner, Proof
Alison Dean
VP, Operations
Tom Shallcross
VP, Accounts
Adam Seeley
VP & Head of Sales
Will Jessup
Founder & Head of Services Delivery
Alex Finnemore
Head of Revenue
Christopher Clark
Head of Talent Acquisition
Nicolas Spurlock
Director of Corporate Strategy
Ivan Shulev
Talent Advocate, Engineering
Alla Babkina
Director, Engineering
Neville Reeves
Director, Transformation & Innovation
Cheri Muhle
Director, Recruiting
Andrew Upah
Director of Publicity
Alex Zapadenko
Director, Product Design
Joshua Carey
Associate Director, Recruitment
Nonso Ihedioha
Software Engineer
Iman Almidani
Technical Business Analyst

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Other announcement

Theorem, LLC Announces Rebrand to TheoremOne with the Acquisition of Formula Partners, Launch of Lemma

Theorem, LLC Announces Rebrand to TheoremOne with the Acquisition of Formula Partners, Launch of Lemma

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Theorem, LLC, innovation and engineering partner to the Global 1000, today announced that it has rebranded to TheoremOne® following an acquisition of Formula Partners, and launch of its near-shore, pureplay software engineering service, Lemma. The new name positions TheoremOne as the foundation of a family of brands designed to help enterprises build better, more innovative business platforms at scale. “Our new name positions TheoremOne as the foundation of a family of brands, all inspired by our hypothesis driven model for innovation. Each brand is designed to address the specific needs of our clients at different moments in the lifecycle of enterprise innovation,” said Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO of TheoremOne. Its newest acquisition, Formula Partners, helps companies create new models for organizational design, continuous improvement, and visionary leadership. Formula Partner’s approach revolves around a modular innovation process called the New Enterprise™, a proprietary model for modern consulting at the nexus of technology and organizational transformation. Formula Partners will become a new independent line of business and will operate under the “Formula Partners” brand. “We are approaching management consulting from 14 years of implementing technology solutions — giving us a deep understanding of the true benefits (and costs) of making strategic recommendations. We’ve built trust with IT and business leaders through hands-on work, and we’re excited to build even broader strategic relationships through Formula Partners,” said Will Jessup, Head of Services Delivery at TheoremOne. TheoremOne has also launched a new engineering service called Lemma. Lemma offers pureplay software engineering teams staffed exclusively by nearshore engineering talent. Lemma shares a common engineering DNA with TheoremOne but is designed to deliver engineering capacity as a modular service offering that can be deployed to scale existing teams and initiatives for enterprise and growth stage clients. “Lemma fills a gap in our offerings that the market has illuminated over the last few years,” said Alex Finnemore, TheoremOne’s Head of Revenue. “It’s a compelling option for clients that have already determined the right way to solve a business problem and need a dedicated technology partner, but want to provide their own product, design, and leadership talent.” Lemma and Formula Partners will join existing divisions Proof (staff augmentation) and Halmos Ventures (innovation incubation) in rounding out TheoremOne’s end-to-end services stack. As part of the name change, TheoremOne has released a new company logo and launched a new website at About TheoremOne® TheoremOne is an innovation and engineering firm that builds custom software for companies making bold bets to stay ahead. Through research, lean design, and agile delivery, TheoremOne makes great user experiences accessible to the enterprise. Founded in 2007, TheoremOne’s global cross-functional product development teams drive technology, process, and cultural transformation. To learn more about how TheoremOne enables ambitious leaders to build better software visit or follow @TheoremOne About Formula Partners Formula Partners is a different kind of management consulting firm — it targets the intersection of technology and organizational transformation, unlocking models for continuous improvement, and enabling visionary leadership within the enterprise. Founded in 2015, Formula Partners is based in Los Angeles. Read more at: About Lemma Lemma offers pureplay software engineering teams designed to deliver high-quality results at-scale. Clients come to Lemma when they need an injection of fully-managed and modular engineering talent. Learn more about Lemma at: Contacts Andrew Upah TheoremOne Public Relations

Other announcement

Theorem, LLC Launches Theorem Orbital, a New Division Providing an End-to-End Suite of Space and Satellite Logistics Services

Theorem, LLC, an innovation and engineering firm that builds custom enterprise software for the world’s most admired brands, today launched Theorem Orbital, a new division focused on end-to-end space logistics and enablement for the Global 2000. “Today, only 100 of the Global 2000 have active space programs, but that number will increase tenfold over the next decade,” said Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO of Theorem. “The space industry can seem intimidating and hard to navigate — we are here to help make navigating it easy and transparent.” While recent space-related startups have focused primarily on delivering launch-side capability, other aspects of the space industry are experiencing significant growth, and game-changing opportunities have become within reach for even those who have made minimal investments to date. These include bespoke satellite programs focused on activities like earth observation, remote sensing, and satellite-enabled communications and connectivity. Theorem Orbital will leverage its direct relationships with space launch providers, prime contractors and suppliers, universities, and NGOs, allowing for a wide range of services tailored to clients expanding their existing footprint, or building a space strategy from the ground up. Theorem Orbital’s preferred providers for launch services and space-based data today include Rocket Lab, Virgin Orbit, Firefly Aerospace, and Satellogic. “Our partnership with Theorem will help further our mission of democratizing access to Earth Observation data,” said Thomas VanMatre, Satellogic’s Vice President of Global Business Development. “The combination of Theorem’s world-class software innovation and engineering capabilities and Satellogic’s unit cost advantage will unlock a multitude of use cases for the commercial market.” As part of its commitment to opening up access to space as a strategic resource for the enterprise, mid-market, and academic markets, Theorem is also announcing a strategic investment into bluShift Aerospace, the Brunswick, Maine based maker of the Starless Rogue launch platform that is designed to enable a low barrier to entry for a diverse collection of payloads into the suborbital space ecosystem. "bluShift’s approach to developing cost-effective and sustainable next-generation rocket technology will open up space to new markets," said Sascha Deri, CEO of bluShift Aerospace. "We feel that our mission and philosophy are well aligned with Theorem Orbital's commitment to lowering the barrier to entry for companies beginning to leverage space-based infrastructure in their mid and long-term strategic plans. We're pleased to welcome them as an investor, and excited to collaborate on uncovering opportunities to accelerate the adoption of bluShift capabilities within the enterprise market." At launch, Theorem Orbital’s initial suite of services will include: Satellite Data & Connectivity Strategy and Planning - Strategy services designed to enable clients to leverage data and connectivity generated by existing satellite infrastructure, as well as planning for proprietary constellations. Advanced-Data Analysis - Real-time satellite imagery and remote communication networks are shifting how construction, agriculture, real estate, retail, travel, and mining industries run their daily operations, quarterly planning, risk management, insurance negotiations, and other major drivers of their bottom line. Data providers like Satellogic are opening new use cases daily — Theorem Orbital can help clients make the most of this rapidly evolving field. Software Platform Development - Theorem Orbital designs and builds advanced proprietary software platforms that bring together advanced space-based data sources with existing internal enterprise data and systems. Hardware Development - Theorem Orbital can assist clients in utilizing Satellogic’s unique hosted payload program to rapidly prototype and fly proprietary and commercial off-the-shelf sensors to meet client requirements. Internet-in-Space - Theorem Orbital can assist clients in establishing their own IoT communications network in space including the design and launch of bespoke constellations through preferred launch providers. Launch - Theorem Orbital partners with preferred providers — including Virgin Orbit, Rocket Lab, SpaceX, and more — in order to enable the launch of custom payloads into low-earth and near-earth orbit. “The cost of putting satellites into space has been dramatically reduced due to the innovations from launch providers such as SpaceX, Rocket Lab, and others,” said Nicolas Spurlock, Director of Corporate Strategy at Theorem. “Now is the time for large enterprises to invest in building their own space-based infrastructure and gain an advantage in the new Space 2.0 era.” Start charting your course to space by learning more at About Theorem Theorem, LLC is an innovation and engineering firm that builds custom software for companies making bold bets to stay ahead. Through research, lean design, and agile delivery, we make great user experiences accessible to the enterprise. Founded in 2007, Theorem’s global cross-functional product development teams drive technology, process, and cultural transformation. To learn more about how we enable ambitious leaders to build better software, visit or follow @TheoremCo.

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