Triage Staffing


Triage Staffing is a leading medical staffing agency in Omaha providing employment for traveling nurses and all traveling medical professionals.





Org chart

John Maaske
CEO & Founder

John Maaske

Tyler Pieper
COO & Founder
Steve Williams
VP, Recruiting & Sales
Elizabeth Thomas
VP, People & Culture
Erik Mockelstrom
VP, Workforce Solutions
Taylor Asmus
VP of People & Culture
Kris Knudsen
VP, Strategic Partnerships
Anthony Concepcion
VP of Information Technology
Lora Bogatz
Clinical Director
Troy Powers
Director, Client Success
Julia Fahlstrom Smith
Senior Client Services Director
Abbey Muller
Senior Cardiopulmonary Account Manager
Rebecca Ohlinger
Radiology Account Manager
Jeanna Fields
Cardiopulmonary Account Manager
Wade LeClair
Client Services Director
Victoria Quinn
Laboratory Account Manager
Jeff Gordon
Long Term Care Manager
Kendra Henscheid
Employee Engagement Manager
Amanda Holliday
Workforce Solutions Program Manager
Austin Kinder
Radiology Account Manager
Katie Hinkle
Nursing Team Lead
Abby Keiss
Nursing Team Lead
Jesse Adams
Nursing Team Lead
Amber Peters
Nursing Team Lead
Dierdre Simpson
Senior Nursing Recruiter
Monika Leathers
Rehab Therapy Recruiter
Steve Steffen
Nursing Team Lead
Jack Douglas
Nursing Team Lead
Marcus Ethen
Nursing Team Lead
Sarah Price
Nursing Team Lead
Tom Juberian
Rehab Therapy Team Lead
Deb Gifford
Contracts Manager
Jeff Kautz
Long Term Care Account Manager
Miranda Barrett
Long Term Care Account Manager
Hannah Sacco
Long Term Care Account Manager
Julia Oliver
Job Intake & Optimization Team Lead
Megan Spielman
Compliance Team Lead
Kim Carman
Compliance Team Lead
Allison Seewald
Compliance Team Lead
Medina Stark
IT Team Lead
Jen Mestl
Manager, People & Culture Business Partner
Jennifer Vazquez
Payroll Supervisor
Anne Livingston
Contract Administrator
Kennady Gustin
Safety & Claims Coordinator
Christopher Reckers
IT Coordinator
Elli Kriegler
Client Requirement Specialist
Brett Mockbee
User Support Analyst
Kelsey Vlcek
Laboratory Team Assistant
Ashley Doherty
Graphic & Front End Designer
Ali Al-Ghaiti
Data Scientist
Mia Kuebler
Clinical Solutions Manager
Jason Adams
Brand Manager
Trevor Mackay
Technical Writer
Grace Liu
Mariusz Pytel
Patrick Gerz
Quality Assurance Analyst
Anna Kush
User Support Analyst
Matt Havelka
User Support Analyst
Christopher Annett
User Support Analyst
Melissa Hemmer
Billing Specialist
Katie Lochard
Compliance Specialist
Kelly Jendro
Billing Specialist
Katie Hardt
Contract Specialist
Alexa Holland
Temporary User Support Analyst
Curtis Collins
Lab Recruiter
Logan Schweitzer
Workforce Consultant
Paul Mori
Product Owner
Jace Nelson
Product Owner