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Forget no-code, here comes no-design. Our mission is to democratize design to empower non-designers everywhere to build digital, interactive products. We’re conjuring a culture where you can learn, grow, and impact the future of design and work. Want to inspire the no-design movement and empower non-designers around the world?



  • 🌟 Go fast and be bold.

    We strive for experiences. It means making the impossible possible, creating the future of no-design, and innovating with courage. We empower all uizards to be proactive owners who experiment and aren’t afraid to break things.

  • 💛 Stay open-minded.

    We’re solution-minded, coming from a place of curiosity, embracing change, as well as failure. For us, it’s staying hungry for knowledge while grounding ourselves with humility, empathy, and speaking up respectfully.

  • 🪄 Have fun while working.

    We empower each other to do work that energizes us—always exploring new ideas and opportunities. It also means being professional without a suit, and partaking in magical puns. Isn’t that wand-erful?

Insider experiences

What’s your favorite thing about working at Uizard?

I love the truly open culture with regards to frequent feedback sessions, and the remote-first mentality, combining the best of remote and in-person work styles!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Uizard?

The flexibility of choosing projects, daily tasks and where to work from

Tony Beltramelli
Co-founder & CEO
Henrik Haugbølle
Co-founder & CTO
Florian van Schreven
Co-founder & COO
Ioannis Sintos
Co-founder & CIO
Radoslav Bali
Head of Design
Tarek Slimani
Director of Customer Experience
Susan Haigh
Community Partnerships & Content
Joe Waddington
Content & SEO Manager
Radvilė Smalinskaitė
Performance Marketing Manager
Hannah Rafter
Global Community Manager
Brand Manager
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Product announcement

Forget no-code, here comes no-design

Forget no-code, here comes no-design

People in all sorts of non-design roles need efficient ways to visually express their ideas. In the old days, that meant a back-of-the-napkin scribble a designer would then execute on, but technology has turned that scribble into something far more polished. First, no-code platforms like Squarespace made it easy for anyone to create attractive, high-quality websites without having to write a single line of code. Now, based on the same principles, the emergence of tools like Uizard and Canva is making the design process more accessible to people without specialized design skills. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the no-code movement and its sibling, no-design. These tools can be truly game-changing for founders, product managers, and entrepreneurs — really anyone who wants to build a digital product or service. Let’s take a look at how this movement is unfolding and what it means for you. What is the no-code movement? The no-code or low-code movement is an approach... Click here to read the full article.

Team announcement

Product Hunt Golden Kitty Winner in AI & Machine Learning

Product Hunt Golden Kitty Winner in AI & Machine Learning

🎶🏆 Weeee are the champions… Yup, we just went and won Product Hunt’s 2021 Golden Kitty Awards 😸 in the AI & Machine Learning category (and also on Best Dressed, some would say…) - and it was no magic trick. It was all thanks to you, our awesome community, and your votes! ✨ 🔮 Our crystal ball shows us a future where AI and machine learning make design accessible to everyone, and we're on a mission to get there. This Golden Kitty Award is a strong validation that we are on the right path.

Other announcement

What we learned in 2021

What we learned in 2021

2021 was a wild year for Uizard, to say the least! 📈 What did we learn and what did we do differently? When we started Uizard, we initially failed to put our customers at the center of everything we were doing. We fell into the "Henry Ford trap": If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. To some extent, we naively thought we knew better. We were obviously speaking with customers but the feedback we were gathering wasn't at the heart of our process. Even though we had more than 100k sign-ups in our private beta, our product wasn’t enabling users to be successful and our retention metrics were ridiculously bad. What did we do differently in 2021? For starters, we spoke to customers A LOT and as often as possible. We also made sure that more people from our team would speak with customers and not just the founders to reduce bias into how we were interpreting feedback. We developed a method highly inspired from Rahul Vohra product-market-fit engine to place customers at the center of everything we do, and we used product data to back every single business decision. As an engineering-heavy founding team, we’ve also made a classic mistake most first-time founders do. We almost solely focused on product and completely ignored distribution in our early days. We learned the hard way that successful SaaS startups have distribution inherently built-in their products. Distribution should not be an afterthought, it should be at the core of your strategy even before building your first MVP. Truth be told, adopting the "build it and they’ll come" strategy doesn't work (oh really?!) So what did we do differently in 2021? We became obsessed with running data-driven experiments. And we realized that for early stage startups, what matters isn’t to optimize for quality but for quantity. As put by Sean Ellis in his book "Growth Hacking", aim for velocity so you can learn as fast as possible. You have no idea what will work and which channel or product flow will yield results. You only want to be optimizing and perfecting a solution once you’ve collected enough data to show that it’s working. So optimize for experiment quantity first, and quality later. Summary takeaways: Speak to customers. Like, for real. Know them intimately and speak with them as often as possible. Invest in data. Measure everything as early as possible and back your assumptions and all your decisions with data. Run as many experiments as possible so you can collect new data rapidly and learn as fast as possible. Sorry for the long post! 📚 Now, back to work. See original post.

Funding announcement

Towards the Democratization of Design (with AI)

Towards the Democratization of Design (with AI)

Today, we are extremely excited to announce that we've raised a $15 Million Series A financing from Insight Partners, with participation from Mariano Suarez-Battan, CEO and Co-Founder of Mural, and existing investors byFounders, LDV Capital, and av8 Ventures. This round of financing will help us advance our mission to democratize design to empower non-designers everywhere and make key hires to scale our AI-powered platform. Join our team here, we hire remotely! 😊 https://uizard.io/blog/towards-the-democratization-of-design-with-ai/