Brian Peda

Deputy Practice Leader for Construction Services at Urban Engineers

What does a construction engineer like to do in his spare time? Remodeling houses sounds like a good fit to some, and Brian Peda, who loves home projects, has completed three remodels in the last seven years. Besides that, he loves skiing with his wife, spending time with his son, and, of course, working with his second family at Urban. “I work with a great team,” he said. “I enjoy working in an atmosphere where I know others care about my wellbeing.” Brian and his team have accomplished many great things together, like the Adaptive Traffic Signal Project in central Pennsylvania. It is one of Brian’s personal favorites and one for which he served as a construction manager. Together, he and his great team solved problems to reduce congestion and improve travel throughout the 53 intersections they worked on.

Brian has come a long way from his first job making pizzas at Hersheypark, and, though he’s constantly learning and is presented with new challenges in his career now, he is dependable and determined to see each of the day’s challenges through. “Work hard, be kind, and respect others,” he says. Through his humble efforts, he has accomplished much and has learned to be thankful for everything that he has been given. Brian graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s in structural design and construction engineering technology and, on top of his current profession, is involved in the American Society of Highway Engineers. A lifelong goal he is proud to have accomplished is obtaining his Professional Engineer’s license. In the future, Brian sees himself leading a team of people and working with a group as hard-working and supportive as his team now. With the support of his families, both at home and at work, Brian will certainly continue to achieve great things in his construction projects and beyond.



  • Deputy Practice Leader for Construction Services

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