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Valera is innovative tele-mental health company seeing patients with mild to severe mental illness with a focus on BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.



  • Treat others with dignity, operate with integrity

  • Incorporate diversity and equity every step of the way

  • Invest in internal Talent and support professional development

  • Work collaboratively

  • Build an authentic, engaged, and inclusive community

  • Follow the data, embrace chance, and adapt purposefully

Insider experiences

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Thomas Tsang
CEO & Co-Founder
Prashant Gharpure
Chief Technology Officer
Noam Shahaf
VP, Research & Development
Alan Fong
Clinical Director
Larry Ozowara
Medical Director
Sterling Elder
Director, HR
Michele McCleary
Director, Operations
Manna Chan
Clinical Director, Inclusive Care
Alex Ferstenberg
Director, Finance
Lauren Mills
Director, New Markets
Daniel Ji
Director, Growth Marketing
Tucker Stevenson
Special Projects Manager
Maor Cohen
Chief of Staff

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