Willow Bridge


We are Willow Bridge. We’re more than a full-service residential real estate company. For over half a century, we’ve been the standard of excellence in the property industry. As the residential team at Lincoln Property Company we built a stellar reputation, leading with bold, transformative ideas, p... Read more





Org chart

Duncan Osborne

Camilla Harris
Chief Financial Officer
Andy Atalis
Chief Accounting Officer
Jay Kenney
Chief Information Officer
Margette Hepfner
Chief Operating Officer, Residential Management
Kim McCormick
General Counsel
Scott Wilder
President, Residential Management
Jeff Courtwright
President, National Development
Mark Kirchmeyer
EVP, Mid-Atlantic Region
Brian Byrne
EVP, Midwest Region
Charles O Shallat
EVP, Southeast Region
John J Noone
EVP, Northeast Region
Chris Stallsworth
EVP & Head of Investments & Asset Management
Joanne Berry
EVP, Strategy
Sheila Carter
Senior Vice President
John Horan
SVP, The Village
Bill J Grant
SVP, Construction
Price Wagner
SVP & Senior Investment Officer
Chase Erickson
SVP, Southwest
Joe Segobiano
SVP, Midwest
Jim Paton
SVP, Southwest
Durell Vieau
SVP, People & Culture
Amber Brackeen
Vice President
Katie Harris
VP, Austin
Heather Reagan
VP, Austin
Jason Byrne
VP, Northwest
Jessica Kennard
VP, Midwest
Kurt Seidel
VP, Southwest
Jay Parmelee
VP, Southwest
Matt Webb
VP, Operations, Midwest
Heather Fleetham
VP, Operations, Midwest
Stephanie Solo
VP, Colorado & Arizona
Molly Rupprath
VP, Learning & Talent Development
Theresa Kaiser-White
VP, Asset Management & Procurement
Trina Williams
VP, Operations & Performance
Michelle Artz
VP of Revenue Management
Irini Boeder
VP, Marketing & Communications
Danika Young
Assistant Vice President
Ashley Garner
Assistant Vice President
Stephanie Ollmann
AVP, Arizona
Lynn Waitley
AVP, Southwest
Kristen Becker
AVP, Southwest
Michele Brice
AVP, Central Florida
Tanya Kreshon
Area VP, Florida
Mary Cook-Detweiler
Area VP, Greater Atlanta Area
Kim McCall
Area VP, North & South Carolina
Rachel Davis
Area VP, South Florida
Denise Liptak
Area VP, West Florida
Christina Russo
AVP, Client Services
Candace Weaver
AVP, Client Services