Manjusha Awate

Associate Vice President at Xoriant

Manjusha Awate has a diverse work experience spanning over 30 years. Manjusha is currently an Associate Vice President at Xoriant Solutions Private Limited, where they head the Business Systems Group. Manjusha'sresponsibilities include selecting the right products and partners for business systems, managing vendor-partners, and overseeing implementations.

Prior to their current role, Manjusha was a Principal Consultant at Hexagon Global IT Services Pvt Ltd. Manjusha jointly headed Hexhibit, which focused on offering a complete EIS (Executive Information System) on the mobility platform. Hexhibit involved harnessing data from various source systems, transforming it into industry-specific data marts, and delivering relevant data to executives through relevant channels.

From 2007 to 2013, Manjusha worked at 3i Infotech as the Deputy General Manager and Head of Global Engineering Operations for Retail Banking. In this role, they were responsible for product development, customization, implementations, and providing support to the Presales group. Prior to this, they served as the APAC Delivery Head for Banking Solutions at 3i Infotech.

Manjusha's earlier experience includes working as a Project Manager at Mastek Ltd., where they managed various assignments such as providing application software for an eGovernance project, building baggage handling software for a major US airport, and customizing non-life insurance products for a UK-based insurance company. Manjusha also worked on a data warehousing project for a telecom company in the USA.

Before joining Mastek Ltd., Manjusha worked at ICICI Bank, where they served as a Project Leader. Manjusha'sresponsibilities included designing and developing an Integrated Loan and Financial Accounting system and being part of a data warehousing project undertaken by the bank's Treasury department.

Manjusha'scareer began as a Programmer-Analyst at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and later as a Programmer at National Computing Company, where they designed and developed financial accountancy and diamond manufacturing and export packages.

Overall, Manjusha has a strong background in technology, innovation, business systems, and project management across various industries and organizations.

Manjusha Awate completed their education in the field of management and finance at the University of Mumbai. Manjusha attained a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.) degree from 1984 to 1987, followed by a Diploma in Management Studies (D.M.S.) from 1990 to 1993. Lastly, they obtained a Master of Commerce (M. Com.) degree specializing in Management from 1991 to 1993.


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  • Associate Vice President

    December, 2013 - present

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