Y Combinator


Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you’re getting started.





Org chart

Garry Tan
President & CEO

Garry Tan

Michael Seibel
Partner & Managing Director, Early Stage
Jared Friedman
Partner & Managing Director, Software
Dalton Caldwell
Partner & Managing Director, Architect
Harj Taggar
Managing Director & Group Partner
Brad Flora
David Lieb
Visiting Group Partner
Diana Hu
Group Partner
Tom Blomfield
Group Partner
Tyler Bosmeny
Visiting Group Partner
Nate Smith
Visiting Group Partner
Arnav Sahu
Nicole Cadman
General Counsel, Early Stage
Renée Beck
Chief of Staff
Carolynn Levy
MD, Legal
Kirsty Nathoo
MD, Finance
Jon Levy
MD, Partnerships
Ryan Choi
Head of Alumni Relations
Mark Thurman
Head of Infrastructure & Security
Eric Bakan
Head of Data
Luther Lowe
Head of Public Policy
Lindsay Amos
Senior Director of Communications
Steven Pham
Online Community Director
Elizabeth Akman
Batch Director
Lindsay Selvitelle
Director of Events
Tatyana Veremyova
Director of Payroll & Benefits
Shaun Weber
Director of Tax
Allison Bryan
Senior Accounting Manager
Emily Manashi
Accounting Manager
Esther Schwyter
Fund Account Manager
Greg Kumparak
Editorial Content Manager
Joan DeGennaro
Operations Manager
Adele Gower
Workplace Operations Manager
Sophia Mayol
Office Manager
Gaby Caliendo
Alumni Community Manager
Kat Mañalac
Managing Outreach Officer
Danny Walcoff
Lead Designer
Tasnim Thakur
Legal Analyst
Ryan Loughlin
Senior Video Producer
Eve Bouffard
Application Operations, Associate
Irina Lukashuk
Business Analyst
Chris Simon
Data & Community Analyst
Frank Stratton
Product Engineer
Sean Pennino
Product Engineer
Martina Tokosova Rivas
Executive Assistant
Pegah Saki Payne
Executive Assistant