10 Tech Companies With Interesting and Innovative Team Cultures

Company culture extends beyond ping-pong tables and free lunch, we have spotlighted ten organizations that are going above and beyond to foster interesting and innovative company cultures

Editorial Credit: fotoinfot / Shutterstock.com
Editorial Credit: fotoinfot / Shutterstock.com
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Company culture extends beyond ping-pong tables and free lunch, it is what binds employees together and creates a community. Without strong and positive corporate cultures, companies can quickly churn through employees, never building a long-lasting and passionate team that can in turn hurt growth and momentum.

Now, many companies are exploring new perks and strategies to create an atmosphere that makes their employees feel valued, and excited to come into work each day. Here are ten organizations that are leading the way by going above and beyond to foster interesting and innovative company cultures.


Updater Team

Image Credit: Updater
Founded in 2010 Updater aims at transforming the moving experience by allowing users to forward mail, update accounts, book a moving company, and transfer utilities all from one app. Early on, the company realized the importance of fostering a strong company culture and has even been named one of Built In NYC's best places to work for 2019. The company has focused on finding the right fit by conducting full-day job interviews that allow applicants to immerse themselves in the company culture, so they know exactly what they are signing up for.

Updater doesn’t just create and maintain a strong company culture for its human employees, it also takes care of its four-legged ones as well, as it was named one of the best dog-friendly companies of 2019 by Rover. Considering it’s been scientifically proven that having dogs around lowers stress levels and can promote calm, we think this is one very smart move.

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Image Credit: Paul McKinnon / Shutterstock.com
Shopify is a Canada-based e-commerce company, with business around the world. The company provides online retailers and small businesses with a bevy of payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools that can help simplify operations. To ensure no employee’s good deed goes unnoticed or unrewarded, e-commerce company Shopify has an internal praise tool called the Unicorn Reward System. The tool helps democratize rewards and praise within the company, as it allows all employees, not just managers, to highlight co-workers that go above and beyond.

The Unicorn platform prompts employees to recognize and praise each others’ accomplishments by awarding points and garnering thumbs-ups from other coworkers. Employees can receive regular Unicorn bonuses based on the number of points received at the end of each month, entitling them to a portion of the company’s profits.

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Alan app

Image Credit: Alan
Alan is a 100% digital French health insurance startup that is redefining what it means to be transparent at work. The company, which has raised $136 million so far, believes in true transparency by allowing all employees to see each other's salaries, bonuses, and equity shares. The company has also banned meetings and company decisions are explained in a monthly all-hands presentation. These policies have helped the company maintain a low employee churn rate.

The company believes radical transparency is the best way to build trust. The company also values controversial opinions and has adopted a direct and honest style of communication in which both successes and failures are openly discussed. CEO and Co-Founder Jean Charles Samuelian said, “People need to feel valued and I think employees stay because we explain decisions to them and care about their mental health."

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Hireology logo

Image Credit: Hireology
Not all jobs are the same, each requires different skills and comes with its own set of stressors. To improve understanding among workers, Hirelology, the all-in-one hiring and talent management platform, allows employees to swap roles with their colleagues, throughout the company.

Hireology encourages its employees to try out other roles for even just a few hours to help them understand their counterparts’ responsibilities and challenges. Joel Schlundt, Vice President of Engineering at Hireology stated “When you have a blended team, your local staff can help bridge gaps and build empathy.”

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Zoom culture

Image Credit: Girts Ragelis / Shutterstock.com
Video conferencing startup Zoom has grown exponentially since the coronavirus pandemic with 300 million daily meeting participants in April 2020, up from just 10 million in December 2019. As the company’s user base exploded, it has brought on fresh faces to manage data security, privacy, and keep the company on the cutting edge.

To foster a sense of community among its growing pool of employees Zoom has its internal “Happy Crew” that is dedicated to keeping employees happy. The team puts together events like themed days, like Halloween or pet days, where employees can get on a Zoom call and share each other’s costumes or animals in Gallery View. The happiness crew also hosts events that enable employees to introduce someone important in their life to their coworkers so they can showcase where they get their drive and tenacity to be successful.

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Globant logo small

Image Credit: Globant
Globant is an IT and software development company with operations around the world. The company is a leader in promoting a people-first culture where the company supports and encourages underrepresented employees to have the opportunity to learn and lead. For instance, the company actively prioritizes female voices by creating Globant-specific Lean In Circles and its Glob(HER) summit in which female employees and speakers shared their experiences, insights, and career path in the world of technology. This mentality has resonated with its employees as Globant has won several Comparably Awards, including for Best Company Culture and Best Companies for Diversity.

Martín Migoya, the CEO and co-founder of Globant, said, "We take great pride in creating a workplace that people enjoy coming to everyday, and that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. Our Globers are our number one priority and to know that they feel that we are a top place to work is a tremendous honor."

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ADP parade

Image Credit: Shawn Goldberg / Shutterstock.com
Digital human capital management solution provider ADP not only has taken steps to foster its own strong internal culture but also shares the benefits of a well-defined culture through regular blog posts on the subject. This thought leadership has helped ADP land a spot on Comparably’s top workplace cultures of 2019.

Internally, ADP places an emphasis on social responsibility, ADP’s associates are involved in over 1,500 corporate social responsibility initiatives around the world, contributing tens of thousands of hours of their time each year. ADP CEO Carlos Rodriguez stated, “At ADP, we see business success and the needs of citizens and communities as inextricably linked – forces that must be in balance in order to drive and achieve forward progress. We also firmly believe that business can and should have a positive impact on the world. That’s why we constantly strive to embed our CSR principles and practices into everything we do.”

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Image Credit: TaskUs
TaskUs, a company that specializes in outsourced digital customer services. The company has proven to be a leader in company culture by leaning on its core value of being a people-first workplace.

TaskUs offers its employees best-in-class employee benefits and states, “However, to us, culture is not just about these benefits; it is about how we come together as a team to produce incredible results.” Because coming together is so important, the company believes in making its offices breathtaking to create a happy and inspirational work environment. This focus on improving the experience of its over 18,000 front-line workers around the world has helped TaskUs achieve half the industry average attrition.

TaskUs also brags that it can infuse a client's culture and brand identity into its own offices to make its employees feel like an extension of its in-house team, no matter where they are.

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UiPath page

Image Credit: dennizn / Shutterstock.com
UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations, like Uber and McDonald's, efficiently automate business processes.

One of Inc.’s Best Workplaces for both 2020 and 2019, UiPath has a focus on innovation and employee happiness since its founding in 2005. The Romanian robotic process automation unicorn highly values its employees’ psychological safety above all else. In pursuit of this goal, the company encourages employees to keep work and work and to disconnect their mind when they’re at home, in the hope it will create space for inspiration and free-flowing ideas. The company encourages employees to acknowledge and address their fears to help them grow personally and professionally.

CEO Daniel Dines says, “My dream was to build a company that I’d love to work for. My belief is that our workplace should be our playground, and we have made concerted efforts to ensure that UiPath is a place where employees feel inspired, engaged, and happy.”

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Bento for Business

Bento for Business logo

Image Credit: Bento for Business
Bento for Business is an expense management software company with the motto “Be Human,” which guides the company’s approach to both professional and personal development. Bento has been recognized as one Built In Chicago’s 2019 Best Places to Work.

Several members of Bento’s leadership team participate in a mentorship program that extends beyond the confines of the workplace in an effort to help employees be more human. This mentorship has influenced the rest of the company and has inspired a culture that is focused on helping and supporting each other.

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