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Are You In Your Public Org Chart?

By Christian Wylonis

Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

You’re probably not. Here are the 7 reasons why you should be. Join us in our mission to make organizations more transparent!

Are You In Your Public Org Chart?
Are You In Your Public Org Chart?

Great organizations are proud of their team. Teams are the foundation of innovation in any organization. A team took us to the moon. A team beat Smallpox. A team powers every new unicorn company. You should be recognized for your contribution to your team.

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There are many reasons why you should join your organization and show off your team to the world. Individuals will get the credit they deserve, organizations will attract better talent, and the world will become more egalitarian. Check out our full list of seven reasons why you should add yourself to your org chart:

1. Get the credit you deserve
You’re probably not on the company website but you deserve to be there. You work hard for your company’s success but it’s only executives that get the credit. Add yourself to the public org chart and be recognized for your contributions to your team.

2. Celebrate your colleagues
Who are your company’s unsung heroes? The superstars? The ones who get things done? Recognize your colleagues for their contributions to your team and make them feel appreciated, celebrated, and honored in the workplace.

3. Improve internal collaboration
Make everyone feel informed and productive with an easily accessible org chart. From the seasoned employees to a remote new hire, everyone will know where to go to learn who's who and who does what.

4. Attract better talent
Great people want to work with great people. Place open positions directly in your public org chart and help your organization attract better talent by showcasing the people that already work there.

5. Onboard employees faster
New hires have a better understanding of your organization before they even start. They know exactly where their positions fits in the organization and what everyone around them is doing.

6. Get more customers
Consumers prefer transparent brands. Public org charts give your company personality and attract more customers. Ensure potential partners know exactly who to contact in your organization.

7. Showcase your diversity
Transparency will lead to a world that is more egalitarian. By shining a light on the issues we can help achieve meaningful social change. Celebrate the organizations leading the way to a more diverse and inclusive business community.


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